Claire Temple Returns In Iron Fist Clip

Claire Temple seems to have had it up to here with helping Netflix's Marvel superheroes. In a new clip released to IGN, the group's perpetual nurse is shown patching up Danny Rand, and she doesn't seem all too happy about it.

In the clip, Claire appears to have just finished up bandaging a cut on Danny's chest, at which point she tells him he needs to get antibiotics. When he asks if she has any, she laughs it off, and says, "No. Too many agro, would-be crimefighters keep showing up hurt and cleaning out my supplies." (Which, fair, providing free medical treatment to four very injury-prone superheroes must get costly.) She then tosses him a ripped up shirt that her "friend" (Luke Cage) left and tells him that her friend is probably doing much better than Danny is at this exact moment.

Claire is the thread tying together Netflix's superhero offerings, and, as shown in the Iron Fist trailer, one of her roles on the series will be critiquing Danny's pretty ridiculous superhero name (while another appears to be potentially providing some background on The Hand). This clip offers a bit more insight into what she will actually be doing in Danny's life, while also providing a cool Easter egg to one of Netflix's other shows. However, it still remains to be seen how Claire will encounter Danny, and how her character could potentially play into reuniting all of the superheroes for The Defenders later this year.

Iron Fist punches its way onto Netflix on March 17. In the meantime, see why the show may actually be better than you think.