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Why Reggie Bush's Wendy's Commercial Has The Internet Buzzing

Reggie Bush has already had such an astonishing life. Through athletic acumen and perseverance, he has received recognition that the majority of mankind can barely fathom. He's graced the covers of magazines and video games, been romantically drawn into the orbit of celebrity circles, and helped to raise funds and awareness for numerous humanitarian efforts around the world, contributing to the education initiatives of the Diamond Empowerment Fund and helping to launch the organization's Athletes for Africa program. As if all of that wasn't exciting enough, he also eats Wendy's for breakfast.

At least that's what a piping-hot new ad for the fast food chain claims. Bush "used to eat breakfast somewhere else," the TV spot informs us, "but then he tried Wendy's breakfast." Viewers are then treated to vignettes from a world in which a former Heisman recipient and two-time Male Athlete of the Year nominee sleeps in the parking lot of a burger chain every night out of a sense of adoration for sausage, egg, and swiss croissants and Frosty-ccinos. Something about the whole thing tickled social media's fancy.

The internet can't get enough of Reggie Bush enjoying food

The ad spot, which sees Reggie Bush living that Wendy's Life with every atom of his being, gave Twitter users lots to talk about this week, starting with Bush's apparent willingness to sleep in a camping chair in order to get closer to the breakfast sammies he loves so much. He also screams at a man carrying eggs — he loves eggs, you see — and leaps from the bushes to get one of the restaurant's employees to sign his sack of breakfast food.

The results are hard to argue with. Skim through a search for "Reggie Bush commercial" on Twitter and you'll find hundreds of delighted fans employing liberal use of the "crying laughing" emoji. "Love that Reggie Bush commercial," they declare. "That Wendy's Reggie Bush commercial is hilarious," they exclaim. One reviewer even went so far as to say that they "legit died at the end." A tragic end, but a necessary one. Sacrifices must be made if art is to be legit created.