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How Does The Sun Breathing Sword Style Work In Demon Slayer?

The various Breathing Styles used by the katana-wielding characters on "Demon Slayer" are one of the major highlights of the show. Named for the intense breath training and intricate breathing patterns required to perform them, these styles help the anime heroes square off against the "Demon Slayer" world's sundry malevolent inhabitants. We've been introduced to many Breathing Styles in the series so far, but the Sun Breathing Style is truly the O.G. (via Kimetsu no Yaiba Wiki).

Created by demon slayer Yoriichi Tsugikuni long before the events of the "Demon Slayer" anime, the Sun Breathing Style is the first, and most powerful, of the fighting techniques. Each of its offshoots (including water, fire, thunder, etc.) were all created by Tsugikuni's disciples, as none were innately talented enough to replicate their masters' abilities. It would survive, however, through the Hinokami Kagura — a ceremonial dance passed down through the Kamado family.

This is how "Demon Slayer" protagonist, Tanjiro Kamado (voiced by Natsuki Hanae and Zach Aguilar), learns to effectively use Sun Breathing Style in his battles against demons. Having unknowingly been taught the style from a young age, Tanjiro's mastery over the Sun Breathing Style makes him one of the deadliest demon slayers in the entire franchise. The only question is, how does a ceremonial dance work to slay demons?

Like any other fighting style, it's all in the breath

Simply because Sun Breathing Style is the originator of the other styles does not mean it works any differently. As with all breathing styles, a technique known as "Total Concentration Breathing" allows demon slayers to absorb more oxygen and enhance their physicality to superhuman levels. At the same time, it grants their sword techniques an elemental effect that coincides with its name. In the Sun Breathing Style, the element is fire (albeit a different kind of fire than the Fire Breathing Style harnesses).

In total, the Sun Breathing Style contains 13 forms, with an additional modified form created by Tanjiro himself. Each is designed to replicate the Sun's energy. The most basic one (and the one which Tanjiro modified by adding elements of Thunder Style) is Dance, a basic, vertical strike. More complex forms include Clear Blue Sky, a 360-degree spinning strike, and the aptly named "Thirteenth Form." This final form involves performing each of the 12 preceding forms in succession, and was designed specifically to destroy the first demon, Muzan Kibutsuji (Toshihiko Seki and Greg Chun).

The rest of the Sun Breathing Style's forms are all suited for different situations. For instance, one is designed to create afterimages of the user in an attempt to disorient opponents. Another is designed to seemingly miss the opponent, only for them to realize that the attack actually landed. With this bag of tricks, Sun Breathing remains the most potent method of slaying demons in the entire anime.