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Dropkick On My Devil! Season 3 - What We Know So Far

Generally speaking, summoning demons has never worked out for the summoner. Demons almost always ask for a price, and whatever Faustian gambit that the summoner is looking to engage in probably isn't going to work in the long run. Take, for example, the main character of "Dropkick On My Devil!," Yurine. She summoned a demon, and now she's stuck with it as her roommate. To add a cherry on top, the demon Jashin-chan can't return home unless Yurine kicks the bucket. The ensuing anime focuses on these two cutely drawn women as they do their best to absolutely kill one another while also getting wrapped up in your familiar comedic anime antics.

Furthermore, it seems as if Yurine's troubles won't end anytime soon. For starters, Jashin-chan can't die, so their rivalry is more like an eternal fight for survival. Secondly, the show's fans and creators simply don't want it to stop. After the anime's second season finished airing in 2022, the minds behind "Dropkick On My Devil!" announced the production of a third season (via Anime News Network). Now, fans are wondering about the release date, characters, and plot that they'll see when Season 3 finally debuts. Here's what we know so far.

When will Drop Kick On My Devil! Season 3 be released?

The story of "Drop Kick On My Devil!" Season 3's production is an especially interesting one. Unlike a lot of other anime that face hiatuses, fans weren't waiting around to hear news. Instead, they were paying out of pocket to get the Season 3 ball rolling. After the end of Season 2, the official website for the series announced a crowdfunding campaign to pay for Season 3. Fans paid out enough to surpass the campaign's goal in just 33 hours, according to Anime News Network. One backer even paid out 1.1 million Yen (about $10,000). For his money, he was allowed to name the new season, which is titled "Drop Kick On My Devil! X."

Needless to say, Season 3 is definitely happening. However, it might not be as soon as you think. The crowdfunding campaign happened in October 2020, and the show's production staff, Nomad, was straightforward about the length of the show's production cycle. According to Nomad, fans would have to wait one year, minimum. Soon after, Nomad confirmed that Season 3 would not debut until 2022, alongside other anticipated titles.

This is fitting, as 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the original manga. However, it also isn't a specific release window. Whether Season 3 releases earlier in 2022, rather than later is yet to be seen. Either way, fans are certain to receive more of "Drop Kick On My Devil!," whenever it may debut.

Who are the characters in Drop Kick On My Devil! Season 3?

Aside from "Drop Kick On My Devil's" two main protagonists, Yurine Hanazono (voiced by Nichika Oomori) and Jashin-chan (Aina Suzuki), there's an entire cast of characters to discuss. There are other core characters that viewers are likely to see when Season 3 rolls around, including Jashin-chan's demonic friends Medusa the Gorgon (Miyu Kubota) and Minos the Minotaur (Chiaki Omigawa) (via Myanimelist). Additionally, the devil Persephone II (Riho Iida) comes to Earth in search of Jashin-chan and will likely appear in Season 3.

More heavenly characters will appear as well, with Pekora and Poporon, two angels who end up stranded on earth after losing their halos. The two are voiced by Yurie Kozakai and Rico Sasaki, respectively. A third angel by the name of Pino (Marina Yamada) is also present for the group's wacky adventures.

So far, all of these characters have appeared within the first two seasons of "Drop Kick On My Devil!" Nomad has not teased any of the new characters who might be making their debut appearance in Season 3. This raises the question of whether there will be any newcomers at all. If there are, however, there's no telling when fans might learn of their existence.

What is the plot of Drop Kick On My Devil! Season 3

"Dropkick On My Devil!" is structured more like an episodic comedy than an anime with a grand, overarching narrative. As such, the story of Season 3 is going to change from episode to episode, but it all ostensibly functions on the series' core premise. A witch named Yurine summoned the demon Jashin-chan one fateful night, and now the two are stuck together until Jashin-chan can kill her summoner. Of course, the cold and ruthless Yurine never lets that happen and is more likely to be the one making her opponent suffer.

While the two intermittently try to maim or kill each other, however, the group finds themselves involved in a series of ridiculous events. Whether they are just trying to visit a hot spring in a neighboring city or visiting the pachinko parlor, these two and their various demonic comrades can't help but make a farce out of everything. It's a winning formula, and it's one that's sure to continue when Season 3 rolls around in 2022.