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Toy Story 5 Release Date, Cast And More Details

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"Toy Story" made history when it hit theaters back in 1995, becoming the first-ever computer-animated feature film. Since then, it's spawned three sequels, multiple shorts, video games, a TV show, and a spinoff with "Lightyear."

In other words, Pixar's flagship franchise just never stops growing ... even if the endings of "Toy Story 3" and "4" seemed like they were meant to send the series off on a high note. After all, the fourth film ended with Sheriff Woody saying goodbye to his friends and staying behind with Bo Peep. Even so, it looks like more "Toy Story" adventures are headed our way.

That's right, partner. There's a snake in our boot and a fifth "Toy Story" film on the horizon. It just goes to show that — seemingly like the dolls, dinosaurs, and space rangers we all know and love — "Toy Story" will never die. However, what exactly do we know about the fifth movie? Where will it take the characters, and which actors will be reprising their iconic roles? Well, let's go to infinity and beyond and discuss what we know so far about "Toy Story 5."

When will Toy Story 5 be released?

In February 2023, Disney CEO Bob Iger made some pretty big announcements during the company's Q1 earnings call. On the negative side of things, Iger announced Disney was cutting 7,000 employees ... so yeah, not great. However, Iger also had some positive news — for audiences anyway. The CEO announced that Disney would be releasing several sequels to some of their most popular films, including "Zootopia 2," "Frozen 3," and yep, "Toy Story 5."

So when will we see Rex, Hamm, and Mr. Potato Head back in action? Well, in April 2024, Disney revealed that "Toy Story 5" would be flying into theaters on June 19, 2026. That year promises to be a huge one for Disney, as the Pixar film will be joined by 2026 titles such as the fifth "Avengers" movie, "The Mandalorian & Grogu," and the live-action "Moana" movie.

What is the plot of Toy Story 5?

The fourth "Toy Story" film ended with Buzz and Woody going their separate ways. The space ranger and most of the "Toy Story" crew went back to Bonnie's room while Woody pulled a Captain America and after years of being a loyal, selfless sheriff, he decided to reunite with Bo Peep and start a new life with his old flame.

Honestly, it seemed like the perfect place to end the franchise. (For that matter, so did "Toy Story 3," with the toys leaving Andy and bringing joy to Bonnie's life.) So where will the fifth film go? Well, in February 2023, Tim Allen tweeted something sure to excite Pixar fans everywhere, with the longtime Buzz Lightyear actor saying, "See ya soon Woody, you are a sad strange little man, and you have my pity. And off we go to a number 5! To infinity and beyond!"

That seems to indicate that even though they've gone their separate ways, Buzz and Woody will cross paths again. That's going to be quite the trick as Woody and Bo Peep are roaming around with a traveling carnival. So how exactly will Buzz track them down? In November 2023, Tim Allen went on "The Movie Dweeb" YouTube channel and gave his story pitch, saying the movie should follow an adult Andy rounding up all the toys. Of course, that's not official, but Pixar chief Pete Docter has promised the film will be a delightful treat for "Toy Story" fans. Speaking to TheWrap, Docter said, "I think ['Toy Story 5' will] be surprising. It's got some really cool stuff that you haven't seen before."

Who is starring in Toy Story 5?

The "Toy Story" movies have always boasted stacked casts, from series veterans like Joan Cusack and Wallace Shawn to exciting newcomers like Keanu Reeves and Jordan Peele. But you can't have a "Toy Story" movie without Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. As any Pixar fan knows, Hanks provides the voice for the heroic if high-strung Sheriff Woody, while Allen plays the goofy, gung-ho space ranger Buzz Lightyear.

But will Hanks and Allen be back for part five? Well, in November 2023, Tim Allen went on "The Tonight Show" and confirmed that both he and Hanks had been approached by Disney. It will definitely be nice to hear Allen voicing Buzz again. In the spinoff film "Lightyear," Chris Evans played the titular character. Granted, that Lightyear was a different version of the beloved space ranger, but even though Evans did a fine job, there's only one true Buzz, and we're glad he's back. Of course, since playing in "Toy Story 4," Allen has remained in the Disney fold, starring as Kris Kringle in Disney+'s "The Santa Clauses. 

As for Hanks, he's been busy since "Toy Story 4," earning an Oscar nod for "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" and impressing audiences as "A Man Called Otto." However, some of his recent performances have been criticized by critics, such as Geppetto in "Pinocchio" and Col. Tom Parker in "Elvis." But everybody loves Sheriff Woody, and we can't wait to hear Hanks' big return.

Where to watch the previous Toy Story movies

While we're waiting for "Toy Story 5," it might be a good time to go back and relive all of Woody, Buzz, and Jessie's Pixar adventures.

The first film in the series is the one that kicked off the franchise, Pixar as a company, and CG-animated movies as a whole. If you want to revisit Andy's room and see Buzz Lightyear when he still thought he was a space ranger, you can check out the original "Toy Story" on Disney+ or rent it on Amazon Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, and YouTube.

Released in a banner year for movies, 1999's "Toy Story 2" happens to be one of the best sequels ever made while also introducing Jessie the Cowgirl and Bullseye the Horse to the "Toy Story" crew. You can stream the sequel on Disney+ or rent it on Amazon VideoApple iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, and YouTube.

"Toy Story 3" might just be the biggest tear-jerker of the franchise — with a fiery climax and a heartfelt ending that'll break even the most cynical moviegoers. The threequel is available to stream on Disney+ or rent on Amazon Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, and YouTube.

And then, we've got "Toy Story 4," which is just as awesome as every film before it. It also introduces us to the adorable Forky while setting Woody off on a brand new path. And if you're a fan of "Key & Peele," then you're going to love this one. You can stream the fourth film on Disney+ or rent it on Amazon Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, and YouTube