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Aubrey Plaza's Legion Character Was Written For A Middle-Aged Man

Contains spoilers for Legion

On the surface, this seems kind of weird, but if you've been watching Legion, you know that "weird" is a relative term.

During a recent appearance on Conan, Legion co-star Aubrey Plaza confirmed that her role as "Lenny" was originally written in the pilot for a middle-aged man. Of course, that does explain the character's name.

In the video above, Plaza explains that she didn't read for the role, but when she met with showrunner Noah Hawley, he asked her to take the part. When asked if her character is a shape-shifter, Plaza offered up a typically cryptic response.

"It's really complicated and it's hard to explain," she said. "You'll just have to watch it and decide for yourself... I am many things, and an old man is one of them."

In the context of Legion, it actually makes sense that Lenny isn't what she seems. When we first meet the character, she seems to be a fellow patient at the mental hospital where David (Dan Stevens) is housed. Later, it seems like they were friends (or at least drug buddies) before they entered the hospital. However, she "died" during an explosive incident at the facility, and now she takes on different forms and haunts David's mind.

There are still three episodes left this season, so there's still plenty of time to learn more about Lenny. Either way, Plaza is pretty captivating as the enigmatic character. Meanwhile, take a look at the untold truth of Legion