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Jack The Ripper's Powers In Record Of Ragnarok Explained

When humanity's best and brightest are called upon to defend their race against the gods they worship, a legendary serial killer might be the last contender you'd expect. For when the collective pantheons of "Record of Ragnarok" came together and determined that humans were more trouble than they were worth, they did so because of humanity's sins. It's ironic, then, that one of the few humans who was able to best them in the tournament was one of its most sinful specimens.

There's no denying that Jack the Ripper, the infamously uncatchable serial killer that terrorized Victorian London, deserved his victory against Heracles in the fourth round. Jack's wily and mischievous nature allowed him to get the best of his brutish foe, and made for one heck of an exciting anime bout. However, it wasn't just Jack's mind that overcame Heracles' herculean might. He also had a host of powers and tools that let him get the jump on his immortal opponent.

What abilities does Jack the Ripper have?

Unlike many of his human comades, Jack was actually born with a rather unique ability. Detail-oriented individuals may notice that Jack has heterochromia. Each of his eyes is a different color (via Record of Ragnarok Wiki). This is because one of his eyes has the innate ability to look into people's souls and read their true emotions and intentions, something which played a large part in the choosing of his victims and his evasion of London police.

On top of that, Jack is a master of environmental combat, using the mean streets of London and the urban landscape of the arena to his stealthy advantage. He has an eclectic taste of weaponry, using everything from a shattered door to piano wire and his specialty, knives. This is supported by his trusty weapon-generating pouch, which can summon any combat equipment capable of fitting inside of it. Furthermore, his divine weapon is a set of gloves that turns any object he touches into something capable of harming deities. Without these gloves, Jack would be unable to even scratch Heracles, but with them, he can turn any item into a deadly weapon.

Using these tools and the environment to his advantage, Jack the Ripper utilized hit-and-run tactics to push Heracles to the edge. Even so, the god of Fortitude fought back honorably, making it a close bout in the end. However, Jack was just able to outsmart the god enough to land the finishing blow.