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Why The Secret Wars Writer Thinks A Live-Action MCU Version Is On The Way

The Marvel Cinematic Universe of today is a far cry from the relatively simple "let's introduce the members of the Avengers and find a way to bring them together" days of Phase 1. These days, Marvel happily drops Disney+ shows like "Loki," which has vast implications for the entire MCU's future. As for the movies, star Simu Liu has predicted that "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" will actually "change the world." 

It is a very interesting time to follow the MCU, both because of its increasing boldness, and because it's still not entirely clear what the next giant, overarching storyline will be. This is not an everyday occurrence. The MCU built toward the version of the comics' classic "Infinity Gauntlet" arc since 2012's "The Avengers," and didn't wrap up the "Infinity Saga" until 2019's "Avengers: Endgame." 

Right now, the MCU seems to be embracing the multiverse, and after "Loki" introduced us to both the concept and the timeline-abusing warlord Kang (Jonathan Majors), it makes sense to brace yourself for something very strange. However, if you ask one particular Marvel comic book creator, the MCU's future path is clear. Here's why "Secret Wars" writer, Jim Shooter, thinks the MCU is building toward a version of the classic storyline.

Jim Shooter says Marvel has contacted him about Secret Wars

According to Jim Shooter, a live-action "Secret Wars" movie is indeed coming (via CBR). He bases this claim on the fact that he was recently contacted by Marvel in a rather peculiar manner. "This one clown called me from Marvel," the "Secret Wars" writer said. "He wasn't an editor, but some executive of property management, which was a little odd. He asked me if I wanted to write a novelization of 'Secret Wars'."

Shooter didn't bite, but a later contact from another person was rather more successful and led to a $10,000 retroactive work-for-hire contract. "This means you're making a movie, right?" Shooter said he queried. "I'm not allowed to tell you that," was the rather unsurprising answer. Still, combined with the fact that Marvel had contacted him in the first place, this was rather telling for Shooter, who is now convinced that a "Secret Wars" movie is in the MCU pipeline.  

Of course, it's always possible that Marvel's calls to Shooter were really about a novelization, or otherwise unrelated to any future MCU projects. Then again, "Secret Wars" is notorious for many things, including its central premise of Marvel's mightiest heroes and villains battling each other in a special world ... as well as the fact that the story introduces readers to a certain black Spider-Man suit, a.k.a. Venom. It's one of the more iconic Marvel comic book arcs out there, so what are the chances that it would be used as, say, an animated miniseries or a series of tie-in toys, instead of a full-blown movie?