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Here's Where You Can Watch Every Episode Of Inuyashiki

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The 2017 anime series "Inuyashiki," also known as "Inuyashiki: Last Hero" and based on the manga written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku, tells the story of an older man named Inuyashiki Ichiro. Without friends or a family that cares about him, Inuyashiki spends a lot of time alone, depressed, and dealing with a cancer diagnosis, until one day he is involved in a strange, terrestrial explosion in the park that leaves him with a mechanical, superpowered body. Included in his new body are a bunch of machinery and guns, as well as the ability to heal ailments, resurrect people, and much more. For Inuyashiki, his new condition revitalizes him and leads him down a righteous path to help protect those in need. Unfortunately, there is another person involved in the explosion, a teenage boy named Hiro Shishigami, who also ends up with a mechanical body and decides to use it for evil. Hiro goes on a murderous rampage, casually killing random people for no reason, and the only person who has the ability to stop him is Inuyashiki.

"Inuyashiki" is a dark, very violent show, so be prepared for that if you decide to watch. The sci-fi anime confronts the casual violence both in media and our society — particularly with entitled young men — head-on through Inuyashiki and Hiro's story, questioning how we see heroics. Both men are outcasts in their lives, but despite enduring similarly depressing experiences, Inuyashiki is able to take a moral approach to his new privileged and powerful status, while Hiro falls victim to his pride and apathy. "Inuyashiki" is a show with an intense story that's perfect for people who love more dark and offbeat anime . If you're looking to check out "Inuyashiki," here's where you can catch all episodes of the series. 

Inuyashiki is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video

As of right now, there's only one place where you can find the anime "Inuyashiki," and that's Amazon Prime Video. The series has 11 episodes in total, and given the ending of Season 1 and the fact that the manga is completed with 10 volumes, it's very unlikely that there will be a second season. From January 2017 to when Amazon decided to discontinue the service in January 2018, there was a paid streaming service called Anime Strike that Amazon streamed "Inuyashiki" on (Anime News Network). After Anime Strike shut down, "Inuyashi," along with many other popular anime like "The Great Passage," "Paprika," and "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS," were then made available on the regular Amazon Prime Video platform with no additional cost. Thankfully, "Inuyashiki" is still available to stream for Prime members in 2021. 

Unfortunately for fans who don't have Amazon Prime membership, there aren't really any other ways to watch "Inuyashiki." The series isn't streaming anywhere else internationally, and to buy a DVD version of the show on Amazon or somewhere else would cost you around $50 or higher if you can believe it, likely because of a shortage of product. Also, unlike other shows on Amazon, you cannot digitally purchase the anime either. It's not the best situation for fans of the series, but considering how many people have Amazon Prime memberships, it hopefully shouldn't be too hard to watch "Inuyashiki." Otherwise, keep your fingers crossed that the series becomes available to stream somewhere else soon.