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The Funniest Scenes In Friends

For 10 seasons, the cast of "Friends" managed to deliver 236 episodes of pure joy. Some seasons are much better than others, but all have their moments — be they emotional or comedic — that stand out as some of the best in the series. The same is true of the individual "Friends" episodes, as there is definitely an upper tier of greats, while others deserve their spot at the bottom. But even episodes that aren't as well-rounded still boast some pretty memorable scenes: You might be surprised to find out that some of the funniest scenes in "Friends" come from some rather lackluster episodes.

We decided to list the funniest moments in "Friends" history but opted not to rank them, as it would have been virtually impossible. These memorable scenes stand out among the rest and are pulled from eight of the 10 seasons. If you're a die-hard "Friends" fan, you can probably guess which seasons didn't feature a moment funny enough to earn a spot. So let's take a walk down memory lane and recall the moments in "Friends" history that made us laugh the hardest. Hopefully you'll see your favorite as you scroll down our list.

The prom video

Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel's (Jennifer Aniston) story began early in Season 1, and their will-they-won't-they story really picked up speed a year later. In Season 2 Episode 14 ("The One With the Prom Video"), they finally come together after the whole gang watches a tape of Monica (Courteney Cox) and Rachel getting ready for the prom.

The video is absolutely hilarious, as we get to see Ross, Rachel, and Monica in their awkward teen years. This is the first glimpse we get of a very different-looking younger Monica and a pre-nose job Rachel. Both women are dressed in rather tacky prom dresses and rock some of the worst hairdos out of the '80s. Perhaps the funniest thing about the prom video is Ross, who sports some extravagant curls (and a mustache) that send the audience into hysteria. Joey (Matt LeBlanc) even calls his pal "Mr. Kotter" — referring to the teacher played by Gabe Kaplan on "Welcome Back, Kotter" — because of their shared hairstyle.

Watching the ladies prepare for their prom night and Ross's gallant gesture to step in when Rachel's date is late makes for one of the best "Friends" moments there is.

Joey wears all of Chandler's clothes

Season 3 Episode 2 ("The One Where No One's Ready") is regarded as one of the best "Friends" episodes of all time. It is perfect from start to finish, without any downtime or dull storylines. The episode is shot entirely in the girls' apartment as the group gets ready for a fabulous night out at the museum, where Ross is set to deliver a speech. The problem is that other than Ross and Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), no one is ready to go out, as they're all preoccupied with different things.

Joey and Chandler (Matthew Perry) have the funniest back-and-forth in the episode as they fight over the oversized chair in the apartment. To get back at Joey for stealing the chair's cushions, Chandler hides all of his underwear. In a bizarre rebuttal, Joey decides to do the opposite of what Chandler did to him and puts on all of Chandler's clothes. Joey walks into the apartment sporting his roommate's entire wardrobe and says, "Look at me, I'm Chandler! Could I be wearing any more clothes?" Things only get better when Joey mentions he's going commando and begins to do lunges as Chandler cringes.

The football game

The "Friends" Thanksgiving episodes are some of the best in the bunch, and Season 3 Episode 9 ("The One With The Football") was no exception. Things kick off in Monica and Rachel's apartment but soon move outside when the group decides to play a touch football game. Initially, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe are on one team, with Chandler, Ross, and Rachel on the other. Toward the end of the game, it becomes the guys versus the girls, and things get funnier by the minute. Phoebe questions how the three of them can beat the boys, which kicks off a montage of some of the football game's silliest moments.

We see Phoebe flash Chandler to distract him; Ross pulls down Monica's pants, exposing her underwear; and the three women hold onto Joey with all their might to stop him from advancing toward the end zone. The whole football game is full of laughs but has an emotional moment in the end when Rachel believes she scores the winning touchdown. She ends up being five feet short, which causes Monica and Ross to jump on the still-live ball that Rachel spiked in celebration. The rest of the group goes inside to eat Thanksgiving dinner, but the Gellers continue to lie on the football field as night — and snow — begins to fall.

Monica teaches Chandler about erogenous zones

In Season 4 Episode 11 ("The One with Phoebe's Uterus"), Chandler confides in Monica and Rachel by telling them he hasn't slept with his girlfriend Kathy (Paget Brewster) yet. He admits his fear that he won't perform as well as Joey, who dated Kathy right before him. Monica decides to teach Chandler all about the erogenous zones on a woman's body, with Rachel looking on. She draws a woman on a sheet of paper and labels seven different areas. Chandler is shocked at how many there are, but the audience never sees what Monica has labeled.

She tells Chandler the order in which he should hit the zones and starts to become a little heated herself as she begins shouting out the numbers. Monica closes her eyes and gets even more into her teaching session, ending it by screaming the number seven over and over again. She breathlessly whispers "seven" one last time as she holds up the same amount of fingers and falls back on the couch. Not only is it one of the funniest scenes in the entire series, it's also one of Monica's best moments.

The guys and the girls play a game

Season 4 Episode 12, the episode just after Monica's erogenous zones tutorial, is a fan favorite called "The One With the Embryos." Joey and Chandler feel like they know Monica and Rachel better than the girls know them, so Ross creates a trivia game to put their theory to the test. If the girls win, Joey and Chandler have to get rid of the chick and the duck they've taken in, but if the men win, Monica and Rachel have to give up their apartment.

The game scene is absolute perfection, as the audience learns all kinds of fun new tidbits about the characters that they never knew before. While the first round of the game is hilarious, the tie-breaker lightning round turns things up a notch. We learn that Joey had an imaginary friend named Maurice, Monica has 11 categories of towels, Rachel's favorite movie is "Weekend at Bernie's," and Chandler got to second base for the first time when he was 19 years old. The game is one of the funniest scenes in "Friends" history and represents a time when the series' writers were at their absolute best.

Ross struggles with his leather pants

The gang decides to turn over a new leaf in Season 5 Episode 11 ("The One With All the Resolutions"), when they all pick a New Year's resolution. Ross' resolution is to try something new every day, and on January 2, he buys himself a pair of flashy leather pants to wear on a date with a new woman. He goes to her apartment to watch a movie but gets overheated in his new trousers. Ross excuses himself to the bathroom as he starts to sweat and immediately pulls his pants off the moment he gets some privacy.

The real comedy begins when Ross can't get his pants back up because of the sweat on his legs, so he gets Joey on the phone for some advice. Joey suggests Ross dab his legs with powder to absorb the moisture, but that doesn't work out. He then asks if there's any Vaseline around, but Ross can only find lotion. The lotion and the powder end up combining to make a paste, and Ross is even less able to get his pants up. He has to leave his date's apartment with no pants on and walks to Monica's place wearing only his shirt and jacket.

Phoebe finds out about Monica and Chandler

"The One Where Everybody Finds Out" (Season 5 Episode 14) is the most-loved "Friends" episode of all time, according to the fans on IMDb. It's no surprise that one of the funniest scenes from the series happens in this episode, and it's all thanks to Phoebe. While checking out Ugly Naked Guy's apartment with Ross and Rachel, Phoebe spots Chandler and Monica hooking up as she looks through the window and into Monica's apartment across the street. At this point, she has no idea her friends are involved, so seeing them together is quite a shock.

She repeatedly starts yelling "Chandler and Monica!" and then forces herself to look away from the window, shouting, "My eyes! My eyes!" Kudrow's delivery is spot on, and it's one of the funniest Phoebe moments in the entire series. Another great scene happens later in the episode when Phoebe and Chandler pretend to be interested in one another — an attempt on Phoebe's part to get Chandler to break down and admit he's involved with Monica — and end up having an awkward kiss. But as great as that moment is, it can't match Phoebe's response to seeing her friends getting it on.

Ross, Rachel, and Chandler move a couch

This moment is the perfect example of when a hilarious "Friends" scene makes you forget that the rest of the episode was rather lackluster. In Season 5 Episode 16 ("The One With the Cop"), Phoebe finds a missing police badge and ends up dating the cop to whom it belongs. Joey thinks he has feelings for Monica but ultimately realizes he just wants a relationship like she and Chandler have. The storylines are mediocre, but the episode is saved when Ross buys a couch. Yes, this is the "Pivot!" episode — though you'd never know from the title.

Ross enlists the help of Rachel and Chandler to help him move his new couch up the stairs of his building after refusing to pay the delivery fee. As the trio works the sofa up the twisting stairwell, Ross shouts one command over and over again. He yells "pivot" six times, each time more aggravated than before. The audience can barely contain themselves as Ross continues to scream like a toddler until Chandler eventually shouts "Shut up!" three times. The actors could hardly stay in character, and the bloopers are just as funny as the actual scene.

The lightning round of revelations

Another great Thanksgiving episode is "The One Where Ross Got High" (Season 6 Episode 9). This particular year, Monica trusts Rachel with making the dessert, which she destroys by putting ground beef in an English trifle. Everyone in the group pretends to like the dish — except Joey, who actually does enjoy it — and Ross has a hilarious moment when he mentions that the trifle "tastes like feet." Shortly afterward, the entire group starts one-upping each other by making shocking revelations to Ross and Monica's visiting parents.

Monica reveals to her parents that Ross hasn't been working at the museum, got divorced again, and smoked weed in college but blamed Chandler. In retaliation, Ross rats out Monica by telling his parents that she's living with Chandler. Phoebe jumps into the mix immediately and reveals that she loves Jacques Cousteau, while Rachel realizes she wasn't supposed to put beef in the trifle. Joey closes out the screaming match by yelling that he wants to leave, and Mrs. Geller (Christina Pickles) hilariously admits, "That's a lot of information to get in 30 seconds."

Monica and Ross perform their dance routine

Ross and Monica show off their dance moves in "The One With the Routine" (Season 6 Episode 10). The pair attend a taping of "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" and are desperate to earn a spot on a platform, so they decide to perform a routine they did in middle school for a producer.

To say that this dance is funny would be an understatement. Monica and Ross's routine is one of those "Friends" moments that makes you keel over in laughter every single time you see it. They manage to combine some of the silliest dance moves, including the chicken wing, the grasp and slide, the pot stir, the foot tap, and the hop, skip, and jump. There's also a super fun moment where Monica pretends to slap Ross at the beginning of the dance, which perfectly sets the delusional tone. They end up impressing the producer, or so they think: He puts them on the podium just to get their dance on camera again for the blooper show.

Ross becomes the Holiday Armadillo

Ross becomes frustrated in Season 7 Episode 10 ("The One With the Holiday Armadillo") when his son Ben (Cole Sprouse) is only interested in Christmas and not Hanukkah. To get Ben excited about his Jewish heritage, Ross decides to dress up for the holiday. The only costume he can get from the store, though, is a massive armadillo, so he pretends that his newly invented character is Santa's half-Jewish friend from Texas. He shows up at Monica's in the complete armadillo outfit and prepares to tell Ben about the Festival of Lights, but Chandler interrupts when he comes in dressed as Santa.

Both of them have to continue their charade as they try not to confuse Ben, and Chandler helps out when he says he wants to learn about Hanukkah. The second time Ross tries to tell the story, Joey barges in wearing a Superman costume to steal the show. We find out that Joey told Ben that Superman "flew all the Jews out of Egypt," which Ross isn't thrilled about. Eventually, Ross gets his story out, though it's mostly told off-camera. Seeing the three men in such different costumes made for an incredible moment and one of the best scenes in the "Friends" catalog.

A special guest crashes Thanksgiving

"Friends" boasts a list of impressive guest stars, but perhaps the best came in Season 8 Episode 9 ("The One With the Rumor"). Brad Pitt — who was married to Jennifer Aniston at the time — played Will Colbert, one of Ross' friends from high school. We find out pretty quickly during the dinner scene that Will hates Rachel because she made his life miserable when they were younger. The whole shtick is hilarious: Pitt's character hates his wife's character, and he even does a great, condescending impression of her hair flip.

It's revealed that Will and Ross started a salacious rumor about Rachel in high school and were a part of the I Hate Rachel Green Club. Will applauds Ross for not marrying Rachel after getting her pregnant, and his disdain for her gets funnier by the minute. The bit runs throughout the entire episode, as it primarily takes place over the course of dinner in Monica's apartment, and we are grateful for every Pitt-filled minute.

Ross' spray tan disaster

After admiring the spray tan his sister got in Season 10 Episode 3 ("The One With Ross's Tan"), Ross decides to get one for himself. It's funny enough just to have Ross go into a booth shirtless with a shower cap on, but once there, he doesn't follow the directions correctly and gets sprayed one too many times on his front. He has to go back into the booth to get sprayed two times on his back so his color matches, but he gets confused and sprays his front two more times.

His back-and-forth with the tanning salon associate is hilarious, but Ross' moments alone in the booth steal the scene. And it's even funnier when he shows off the ridiculous tan line that runs down his sides, and Rachel refers to him as Miss Hawaiian Tropic. Later in the episode, the same thing happens in another booth scene where he goes to get sprayed only on his back, but once again, his front is accidentally coated, and he comes out looking all too ready for a weekend at the Jersey Shore.

Phoebe gets a special dance at her bachelorette party

In Season 10 Episode 11 ("The One Where the Stripper Cries"), Monica and Rachel throw Phoebe a classy bachelorette party. Phoebe's disappointed when she learns there isn't a stripper, so the women call the first one they can find in the phone book. In this great "Friends" scene, the stripper who shows up is played by the great Danny DeVito, and he puts on a performance we can never forget.

Calling himself Officer Goodbody, the stripper dances for Phoebe to "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell. His dance is priceless, and it's amazing that anyone in that scene could get through it without laughing. If you look close enough, you can see Kudrow and Aniston start to break character several times, and we can't blame them. The only issue with his dance is that it's not long enough, because he cuts it short when he sees Phoebe cringe. The stripper ends up crying in embarrassment but picks up his dance later on when a guilty Phoebe encourages him. Season 10 is regarded as one of the poorer "Friends" seasons, but this scene with DeVito is genuinely one of its saving graces.