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Spriggan - What We Know So Far

History is filled with mysteries just waiting to be uncovered, and as exciting as that is to real-world historians and archaeologists who toil in the name of deciphering humanity's past, it's just as exciting to wonder what secrets still lay buried by time. This is the purpose of Netflix's upcoming anime, "Spriggan." Based on the acclaimed 1989 manga by author Hiroshi Takashige and illustrated by Ryōji Minagawa, "Spriggan" (known as "Striker" in the west) is all about what happens when humanity uncovers powerful artifacts from their past.

The anime is animated by David Production (which also worked on "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure") and was originally set for a 2021 release date. Unfortunately, the release date has since been delayed. Even so, the arrival of "Spriggan" is still on the horizon, and Netflix has revealed many important details regarding the project. As fans wait for the show to air, they can dive into the show's release date, characters, and plot. Here is what we know so far about Netflix's next anime adaptation, "Spriggan."

When will Spriggan release?

According to Anime News Network, "Spriggan" was first announced in an issue of Shokugan's "Monthly Shonen Sunday" magazine in April 2019. Netflix was given the rights for worldwide distribution from the beginning, with the company initially planning to release "Spriggan" in 2021. However, that changed due to unknown reasons.

In July 2021, Netflix posted a trailer for the upcoming anime, revealing visuals and story premise of "Spriggan." The trailer also revealed that "Spriggan" is now slated for a release sometime in 2022. However, no further updates have been given regarding its release.

Even so, the fact that Netflix is in charge of the show's distribution bodes well for anime fans across the world. Netflix is especially good at ensuring their shows are translated into multiple languages other than Japanese. Furthermore, the company often releases its anime with English dubs, allowing those who dislike subtitles a chance at experiencing this classic story.

Who are the characters in Spriggan?

"Spriggan" follows the adventures of Yū Ominae, a high school student and a special agent known as a Spriggan. As a Spriggan, Yū is equipped with a specialized, high-tech armor suit and is tasked with uncovering and defending a variety of ancient, technologically advanced artifacts for the ARCAM Corporation (via Anime News Network). He will be voiced by Chiaki Kobayashi.

Joining Yū is a cast of supporting characters, all of whom are other members of ARCAM's out-of-place artifacts team. This includes fellow Spriggan Jean Jacquemonde (voiced by Yōhei Azakami), ARCAM Chief Yamamoto (Kenji Hamada), and Yoshino Somei (Mariya Ise). Villains for the series include Kōichi Moroha (Ken Narita) and Colonel McDougal (Ayumu Murase).

At the moment, not much is known about these characters or how they interfere with Yū's goals in this version of "Spriggan." Obviously, his fellow ARCAM employees are bound to aid him in his journey. At the same time, what the series' villains want with the various out-of-place artifacts that Yu protects remains unclear. Fans will have to wait until "Spriggan" releases to find out more.

What is the story of Spriggan?

The story of "Spriggan" takes place on a very different Earth from what viewers know. When humanity discovers a variety of highly advanced artifacts from an ancient civilization, the world's various factions begin fighting over control of these powerful pieces of technology. Only the ARCAM Corporation is dedicated to using these artifacts safely, and one of the only people standing in between ARCAM and its enemies is the Spriggan Yū Ominae.

According to Myanimelist, the main conflict of the original 1999 "Spriggan" film surrounds ARCAM's discovery of what they believe is Noah's Ark. Meanwhile, the U.S. Machine Corps., led by Colonel McDougal, looks to take the Ark for its own nefarious deeds. How close this adaptation of "Spriggan" sticks to the original manga is still left to be seen. Either way, action and adventure are sure to ensue as humanity dukes it out for ownership of these mysterious ancient artifacts.