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Out Of Every Scene In Longmire, This One Stands Above The Rest

While there's something be said for examining a great piece of television as a whole, most viewers can point to one or two truly great moments that encapsulate what actually makes a show fantastic. Individual moments, after all, are what make up the whole experience. "Longmire," which ran for 6 seasons, is no exception to this. A modern western crime drama, "Longmire" thrived when it was showing fans exactly who its characters were. While these moments definitely came in large, elaborate action sequences with shootouts and carnage, more often than not they came from the smaller, more intimate dialogue-driven parts of the show.

With that in mind, choosing a moment from "Longmire" that stands out from the rest of the show is no easy feat. Many fans will have different opinions on what constitutes greatness, and not everyone will agree with each other on what that word means when it comes to this series. Depending on who one's favorite character is, that can easily influence the decision. Still, like with any show, there are going to be certain scenes that get a little more love from the general fanbase than other scenes.

That said, here is the scene that many fans of the show, and even one of the cast members, agree is one of the biggest standouts in "Longmire" history.

Beware the Dog Soldier

The "Longmire" scene in question comes at the tail end of the season 1 episode "Dog Soldier," in which Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) confronts social worker Crystal Shoemaker (Rebecca Tilney) about her crimes — crimes that he can't actually prove she committed. Instead, he delivers a chilling monologue about the Cheyenne belief in the Dog Soldier, a vengeful spirit that can take any form. "The Dog Soldier knows what you've done, Crystal. And when he comes for you, I'm just a phone call and a 20 minute drive away. I'll come as fast as I can." It's a piece of dialogue dripping with menace that encapsulates what Walt's character is all about: Justice does not necessarily mean following the law.

On Reddit, fans pointed out this scene in particular as their favorite in the whole show. Even Taylor, when asked about his most memorable moments, listed the "Dog Soldier" scene as one during a video interview (on YouTube). The fact that it comes so early in the run of the show is a testament to how strongly "Longmire" started. It's also a very important scene for the development of Walt, because it lets the audience know exactly who this character is. As for its relevance to the rest of the show, it sets up the Hector vigilante arc, which would prove to be an important part of the series until its end.

"Longmire" is filled with great moments, and the scene from "Dog Soldier" was a fantastic indicator of what this series had to offer. A scene like this makes it easy to see why fans were so passionate about "Longmire" and why Netflix felt compelled to pick the show up for three additional seasons after the series was cancelled by A&E.