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Vampire In The Garden - What We Know So Far

Typically speaking, vampires and humans mix like oil and water. However, as vampires are intimately familiar with, blood is thicker than water, and it's possible that one day the two races could live in harmony (assuming one stops hunting the other for food). This is the premise of Studio Wit's ("Attack on Titan," "Vinland Saga") newest production, "Vampire in the Garden." Set to debut exclusively on Netflix, "Vampire in the Garden" explores the relationship between humans and vampires like no anime has before.

Unfortunately, neither Netflix nor Wit have been especially open with details regarding "Vampire in the Garden." Though it has an official page on Netflix, there is sparsely any information listed on it. In totality, the anime is shrouded in mystery and enigma. Even so, it's a good idea to look at its potential release date, characters, and plot. Here is what we know so far about "Vampire in the Garden."

When will Vampire in the Garden release?

To say the least, Netflix has been anything but revealing with the details regarding "Vampire in the Garden." So far, the streaming giant hasn't released any news regarding the show beyond the fact that it exists and will debut sometime in 2021 (via Anime News Network). Aside from those factoids, Netflix has released no trailers and only shared the bare minimum amount of story information. In terms of visuals, only two teaser images have seen the light of day.

In the midst of all this mystery, however, we can make some somewhat safe assumptions regarding a release date for "Vampire in the Garden." Firstly, the show will more than likely release internationally with at least an English translation. Secondly, there is a good chance that Netflix will greenlight an English dub for the show, as they have done with many other anime in their lineup. While these assumptions are relatively certain, fans won't know either for sure until "Vampire in the Garden" releases.

Who are the characters in Vampire in the Garden?

Because Netflix has shared the smallest amount of plot-relevant details possible, there's unfortunately not much to say regarding the characters in "Vampire in the Garden." Unlike many other anime productions, this one is a studio original from Wit. There's no source material in the form of a light novel or manga from which we can extrapolate information the show's creators haven't revealed.

Still, the description provided on the anime's official Netflix page does give us a slight glimpse at the protagonists of this particular story. "Vampire in the Garden" will focus on two so-far unnamed girls. One is a human, and the other is a vampire. When the two are brought together, their relationship challenges the status quo that would otherwise keep these two characters separate. Unfortunately, however, it seems as if fans will have to wait until the show releases to learn more about these characters.

What is the story of Vampire in the Garden?

Much like the information regarding "Vampire in the Garden's" characters, the anime's plot is still yet to be revealed. We know the show focuses on two girls, one human and one vampire, who forge an unlikely friendship in a world that looks down on such things. Netflix has also revealed that, while the girls get along, they share different motivations. Our human protagonist desires to become a violinist, while our vampire protagonist (who Myanimelist refers to as a Vampire Queen) simply wants to "see the wider world."

These are important details for the story, no doubt, but it's difficult to see why they matter so much without context. Wit has proven themselves capable of animating and telling amazing stories before, so it's easy to see how this one has potential. However, the lack of any specific details forces viewers to give the anime a shot based solely on the studio's reputation, and not the show itself. Hopefully Wit lives up to this reputation when "Vampire in the Garden" releases this year.