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How The White Lotus's Jake Lacy Really Feels About Returning For Season 2

HBO's lacerating comedy "The White Lotus" is the show of the moment. Creator Mike White's keenly observed series about rich jerks and hotel employees being miserable at a luxury resort in Hawaii just wrapped its much-talked-about first season, and it's been renewed for Season 2.

The second season will follow a new cast at a different resort owned by the White Lotus company, but everyone is hoping some of the characters from Season 1 will return. After all, rich jerks love to go on vacation, and after all the chaos that happened in Season 1, they may try to finagle their way into getting a good deal on a stay at a new White Lotus resort. They may have had a bad experience in Hawaii, but maybe they'll give it another shot in, say, the Dominican Republic, as long as the room is comped.

Everyone wants some of the Season 1 characters to return for Season 2 — especially the actors themselves. In a recent interview, Jake Lacy, who plays Shane Patton, a spoiled, obnoxious New York real estate agent who gets into a battle of wills with hotel manager Armond (Murray Bartlett), talked about how he really feels about returning to "The White Lotus" and pitched a great idea for what could happen in Season 2.

Jake Lacy has a great idea for Season 2

Jake Lacy said that he'd love to come back for Season 2. "I just loved working with Mike, I just think his writing and directing and his brain are like — I want to spend the most time in that world, whether it's like Season 2 of 'White Lotus' or some other thing, I would be back there," Lacy told The AV Club.

Lacy added that he and Molly Shannon, who plays Shane's overbearing mother Kitty, were texting about how much fun it would be for their characters to pop up in Season 2. "I was like, 'Man, I hope that we get to come back, like, just in the back of a shot,'" he said. "Seeing us berating someone at the Sky Lounge or getting into it with the valet. Just something to be like, 'Oh, God, those people are still out there. They're still just doing their f***ing thing. Like Jesus, enough is enough.' Or I hope that they follow [Kitty]."

We gotta say, that is an amazing idea. Making a supporting character from the first season of an anthology series a main character in Season 2 is always fun, and it will be especially good if that character is played by the incomparable Molly Shannon. Get on that, Mike White!