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The Unusual Way Cody Fern Found Out He Was In American Horror Stories

Hollywood is a nigh-on bizarre little place. Stars who work within its bounds have learned news both good and bad in odd places and ways over the course of Tinseltown's existence. They've found out about season renewals, series pickups, plum new parts, and award nominations everywhere from mountaintops to salt flats, and learned about cancellations and lost roles in yurts and flatbed trucks.

Take the case of one Cody Fern. He is perhaps best known for his multiple appearances in the "American Horror Story"' franchise, and he found out that he was set to be one of many actors working on "American Horror Stories," a spin-off series Ryan Murphy has created and produced for Hulu, in quite the unusual way. It's not like Lana Turner sipping a soda at a drugstore and finding herself as America's favorite sweater girl months later, but it's a fun story that shows just how oddly the system sometimes churns along.

Fern found out he was in the show via social media

Other actors might be very offended to discover they'd been cast in a new show via a post on someone else's social media, but Fern seems pretty copacetic about it. Yep, he learned that he'd be portraying park ranger Stan Vogel in "Feral," the next-to-final segment of "American Horror Stories," via a post by Ryan Murphy.

"I first heard about it on Instagram because Ryan announced that I was going to be in it. So, I was like, 'Wait! What? What am I doing? OK. Cool,'" Fern told Entertainment Weekly. "So, that was where I first heard about it. Then he got in touch while they were in production and asked me if I was available to come and do this episode, and I was only happy to oblige."

The actor, who finally got to play a character from his native Australia, seemed to enjoy the experience, despite the unusual circumstances behind his casting. "When Ryan rings, it's very hard to say no. And I love working in Ryan's world," he added.