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The Big Detail That The Japanese Poster For The Suicide Squad Got Wrong

This article contains spoilers for "The Suicide Squad."

"The Suicide Squad" takes a long, often sideways journey on its way to the team's final fight against Starro the Conqueror. And something we learn very quickly is that when you have a team comprised of disparate villains each with their own agenda, things don't tend to go according to anyone's plan, not even Amanda Waller's (Viola Davis).

In fact, the first character we meet, Savant (Michael Rooker), winds up panicking, going rogue, and finding his head exploded remotely by Waller. And that doesn't even cover the fact that Blackguard (Pete Davidson) sells the team out to the Corto Maltese army, Mongal (Mayling Ng) thoughtlessly grabs a helicopter by the tail and inadvertently kills a chunk of the squad, or the fact that Weasel (Sean Gunn) can't even swim. All of this is just in the opening moments of the film.

Once the tone is set, we get nothing but people either going rogue from the plan, or, just as deadly, revealing that they have their own mission. And, of all the many things that alter or jeopardize the mission, the biggest seems to be the circumstances surrounding Starro.

All we know about "Project Starfish" at first is that it's a program run by The Thinker (Peter Capaldi) and that, in the hands of the new leaders of Corto Maltese, it poses a danger to the entire Earth.

By the end of "The Suicide Squad" the particulars of that danger become a lot more clear — but that doesn't mean that people might not still get confused. That appears to be the case with this Japanese movie poster for the film which contains a pretty major inaccuracy.

One of these Suicide Squad kids is not like the others

Warner Bros shared in a tweet that they brought on artist Nunya Inoue, known for his work on the manga "Kaiju Defense Force" to create a movie poster for "The Suicide Squad." The poster itself is a surprisingly big spoiler considering it shows off elements from the final battle between the squad and Starro. However, not all from the poster is as it appears in the final film.

Before the final fight, we get a huge revelation that the United States of America were involved in Project Starfish. As a result, in addition to taking out Starro, part of Peacekeeper's (John Cena) specific mission is making sure that information of America's involvement never gets out to see the light of day.

Once Peacekeeper's motives become clear, a fight ensues between he and Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) that results in Flag's death — and what we at least think is Peacekeeper's death at the hands of Bloodsport (Idris Elba).

And yet, if you look at Inoue's poster, you will see a very tiny Peacekeeper in the background, balancing on Starro's enormous starfish body. Is this a mistake or just a purposeful misdirect? The answer is unclear, but it's a fun little inaccuracy on very cool Toho-inspired poster.

"The Suicide Squad" is in theaters and streaming on HBO Max now.