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Tragic Details About Alinity

When it comes to controversial streamers, Alinity is one of the first to pop into a lot of people's minds. Between the controversy with her cats, one of which finally struck back on camera, and her more recent restaurant drama, she's gathered her own following of people who can't stand her.

Nowadays, she streams various games and chats with fans and other streamers on her Twitch channel. She's got over 1 million followers, even with a streaming schedule that's much more relaxed compared to other streamers.

However, Alinity has had her fair share of trouble in life. Because she's so controversial, she's no stranger to the negative side of the internet — especially as a prominent female streamer. She's even admitted that she's wanted to quit streaming before.

These details about Alinity's life are tragic, and the fact that several of them are directly related to her online career doesn't make her decision to continue streaming any easier.

The following includes discussion of disordered eating, depression, and verbal harassment. 

Alinity has had to report over-the-top fans to the police

Streaming can come with risks, especially once you've reached Alinity's level of fame. The popular streamer had to deal with people harassing her in real life when they showed up at her house out of nowhere early in May 2021.

The offenders were watching her stream while leaking details of her home and mentioning that they were at her windows in her Twitch chat. According to Alinity, they were just "a bunch of bored children" who wanted to get a laugh. However, the experience had her shaken up — no one wants to deal with people harassing them, whether that's online or at their home. She saw a lot of support from fans and other streamers on Twitter as well.

Alinity filed a police report, and that was the last thing anyone heard about the situation. Luckily, she wasn't physically harmed in the incident.

Alinity has struggled with mental illnesses since she was 14

Alinity has struggled with various types of mental illness since she was 14 years old, and she detailed her experiences on YouTube back in 2017. 

She opened up by talking about her experiences with eating disorders, which first started occurring when she was a young teenager. As she grew older, she continued to struggle with her body image, and she's even shared her sometimes difficult relationship with her body as recently as 2018 on Twitter.

Alinity pointed out that she believed her eating disorders came from a place of control. She also brought up the fact that her eating disorders could be influenced by bipolar disorder, which she discussed at length as well.

The streamer also explained how her depression and streaming go hand in hand, and discussing the experience led her to tears on camera. Alinity has spoken about her depression and struggles with suicidal ideation in the past when she broke her silence on rumors surrounding her and Dr Disrespect.

Alinity was able to get the help she needed, and she's been very open about the fact that she uses medicine and therapy to help her manage her mental health.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, please contact the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741, call the National Alliance on Mental Illness helpline at 1-800-950-NAMI (6264), or visit the National Institute of Mental Health website. Help for those struggling with eating disorders can visit the National Eating Disorders Association website or contact NEDA's Live Helpline at 1-800-931-2237. You can also receive 24/7 Crisis Support via text (send NEDA to 741-741).

Alinity's been harassed over not speaking English clearly enough

A lot of Alinity's criticism comes from her actions, but sometimes people harass the streamer in a cruel manner for no reason. The streamer grew up in Colombia, so English isn't her first language. While she doesn't have a heavy accent, a small language barrier has caused issues in the past when people slammed her for appearing to say a racial slur when she simply misunderstood what was happening.

In 2019, while Alinity was streaming and talking to someone named Nick, she said "Nick, your next prime is in the channel." Later, after people started complaining on Twitter, she mentioned that English isn't her first language, and she does "mispronounce and mumble words" on occasion.

While some fans were quick to support her, others only attacked her and tried to pull her down. Alinity never saw a ban for her actions, which suggests that even Twitch didn't think she used a racial slur.

People have petitioned to get her deported

Alinity, who lives in Canada, is originally from Colombia. However, as she's mentioned before, she fell in love with someone on "World of Warcraft" and moved to Canada to marry him. On the surface, this looked like a marriage that would earn her citizenship in Canada.

In fact, even Alinity said that she married her ex-husband to come to Canada. The clip shows Alinity and a friend discussing how she arrived in Canada, laughing at her marriage and subsequent divorce, which allowed her to stay in the country. In light of this clip, over 16,000 people signed a petition for Alinity's deportation.

However, Alinity took to Twitter to fight the petition. She said that "the divorce was initiated by [her] ex over something he did ... [she] signed the papers and [they] split amicably." Her statement argues that she didn't divorce him, he divorced her. Legally, there's no argument to be made for her to be deported.