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Insidious 5 - What We Know So Far

The "Insidious" franchise has been spooking viewers for over a decade, and it shows no signs of slowing down. A fifth installment has already been confirmed, and it'll arrive on screens in the near future. That's because when it comes to horror movies, the dead don't stay dead for too long.

It's been three years since horror fans were last scared by demons from the realm known as The Further courtesy of "Insidious: The Last Key." That movie grossed $167 million worldwide on the back of a $10 million budget too, so another flick was always going to happen. The last two "Insidious" movies saw the supernatural saga focus on prequels, but this fifth film will take a different approach and bring back some fan favorites. Furthermore, "Insidious 5" will mark Patrick Wilson's debut as a director, which is exciting in its own right given his association with the series. What else can fans expect from "Insidious 5" when it finally arrives?

What is the release date of Insidious 5?

In July 2021, Digital Spy reported that "Insidious 5" is expected to arrive in theaters "sometime in 2022," according to Blumhouse's Jason Blum. The producer didn't share any more information about release plans at that time, nor has any additional news about a specific release date been made public. As such, it's difficult to make an estimated guess about when exactly "Insidious 5" will be available for fans of the franchise to enjoy because the previous four films were released during different months of the year. 

Of course, a new "Insidious" movie would make for perfect viewing during the Halloween season. None of the previous films in the series have been released in October, however, so it remains to be seen if Blum and Co. will use "Insidious 5" to capitalize on the hunger for horror movies at this time of year. That said, if the box office numbers of the previous films tell us anything, it's that audiences are always in the mood to re-enter The Further, regardless of the time of year. As The Numbers notes, the franchise has made over $550 million worldwide to date, which is no small feat.

Who is in the cast of Insidious 5?

As of late January 2022, "Insidious" franchise mainstays Patrick Wilson and Ty Simpkins are the only confirmed cast members. We know they'll be reprising their roles as father-son duo Josh Lambert and Dalton Lambert, respectively.

It wouldn't be an "Insidious" movie without Lin Shaye, who's been a constant in the series since its inception. While her character, Elise Rainier, died in the first movie, the existence of The Further gives the filmmakers a very logical reason to bring her back in some capacity. Don't be surprised if her ghost makes an appearance. While speaking to ComingSoon in September 2020, Shaye was open about wanting to return if the opportunity presents itself: "It was a really beautiful arc for me to find as the character and in the storyline. Now it's in my memory and I would love it if there was another one."

It also remains to be seen if Leigh Whannell and Angus Sampson return to the fold as Specs and Tucker, respectively. However, Whannell did provide the story for "Insidious 5," so at least he'll be involved with the project in some capacity.

What is the plot of Insidious 5?

Unsurprisingly, the "Insidious" camp is keeping the details about the fifth installment close to the vest for now. However, they have confirmed that the film will be a direct sequel to "Insidious: Chapter 2," which ended with the Lambert men being hypnotized so they'd forget all about The Further and its demonic residents. The new movie takes place ten years after the events of the sequel, with the father and son duo dealing with the aftermath of those events.

The filmmakers haven't been completely tight-lipped, though. Patrick Wilson shared some information at the 2020 BlumFest (per Gamespot), hinting that the story will primarily center around Dalton, who was a child the last time viewers saw him. "Watching Dalton go to college and what does that do? Watching a young man go to college and all the new experiences and feeling like an outsider trying to fit in," Wilson revealed. Could this mean that the spookery will take place on a college campus?

It's clear that the new movie will also continue with the theme of family, which has been ever-present throughout the saga. Of course, the big question is: Will "Insidious 5" open the forbidden door to the "Sinister" crossover horror fans have been waiting for since 2018?