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Check Out The Full Trailer For Lucifer Season 6

Contains spoilers for Season 5 of "Lucifer"

Get ready for one last ride with the original bad boy.

Three seasons on from resurrecting the show after its cancelation at Fox, the Netflix series "Lucifer" is preparing to premiere its final season in September. The show follows misunderstood fallen angel Lucifer Morningstar, as he leaves Hell behind to make a life for himself as yet another charming-if-soulless denizen of the city of Los Angeles. Between helping the LAPD and battling various supernatural threats to his and everyone else's way of life, Lucifer has stayed busy on Earth (and in Hell, and everywhere in between). 

The show's fifth season promised a major shakeup in the celestial firmament, with God (Dennis Haysbert) announcing his retirement. A succession battle worthy of a different darkly comic prestige drama unfolds between Lucifer and his twin brother, the archangel Michael (also Ellis). Lucifer sacrifices himself to save his longtime partner Chloe (Lauren German), but with her help wins out in the end and grants Michael a second chance by only cutting off his wings, rather than executing him. 

Where will Season 6 go now that the show's protagonist is apparently the person in charge of it all? The latest trailer offers us a tantalizing glimpse.

What's on tap for Lucifer in Season 6?

In the trailer, it looks as though Lucifer is not yet ready for all the responsibility that comes with being the main man. As Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) tries to convince him that the time has come to assume the throne, Lucifer demurs, in characteristically cheeky fashion, preferring to run away from his responsibilities by vacationing in Colombia. But without someone to play the role of God, the trailer tells us, the laws of nature begin to break down, and the Apocalypse approaches, apparently heralded by some unexpected frogs.

Shockingly, that may be the least of the dapper devil's problems. The trailer makes it appear as though someone else might have stepped up to the vacant throne. Entertainment Weekly identified this character, played by "Deadpool" actress Brianna Hildebrand, as Rory, a rebellious angel hoping to follow in Lucifer's footsteps. It looks as though she's realized her idol is now the one she has to rebel against, judging from the way she asks for help killing him.

And there's more where that came from, with the trailer promising the show will live up to its reputation for experimentation: singing and dancing, a detour for Lucifer and Chloe into a Looney Tunes-esque cartoon environment, and a final preview of a battle between the central pair, with Chloe seemingly ready to stab Lucifer through the heart at its end. Whatever else Season 6 might be, it won't be boring.

The sixth and final season of "Lucifer" is set to premiere on Netflix September 10.