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NCIS Fans Agree That This Was The Craziest Thing Ducky Ever Did

There's something oddly comforting about crime dramas. Despite regularly centering around topics like murder and corruption, watching investigators crack a case and deliver justice is always satisfying when done right — even if that means the heroes need to do some questionable things themselves. When it comes to comfort food crime dramas, "NCIS" ranks up there with the best of them. "NCIS" has been on television for almost 20 years, which is an incredible achievement for any show. In that time, the franchise has some spawned popular spin-off shows, and a few movie specials in certain territories, establishing itself an entertainment juggernaut with true staying power. 

Of course, the main reason why "NCIS" has been so successful is due to the characters that the viewers want to see in action time and time again. Some of them have been around since the show's inception, including Dr. Donald Mallard (David McCallum), otherwise known as Ducky. 

The fan-favorite resident medical examiner and historian is mild-mannered for the most part, though he does have a few skeletons in his closet. Furthermore, the nature of the job means that he's seen some action throughout the years, forcing him to act a little crazy in order to survive. But what is the wildest thing Ducky ever did in "NCIS?"

Ducky's craziest moment in NCIS was also one of his most explosive

A recent Reddit thread saw "NCIS" fans debate some of Ducky's wildest acts, which prompted some interesting responses. However, most fans agreed that one of Ducky's action hero moments in Season 10 stands out from the pack in terms of crazy behavior.

According to one user, the "Detour" episode, in which he and Palmer are kidnapped and held captive in the woods features Ducky's most memorable moment. In the episode, the pair are kidnapped by three people, taken to a secluded woodland cabin and ordered to perform an autopsy. It turns out that the victim may have an important item inside his body that could be useful to the wrong people. Fearing for their lives and refusing to co-operate, Ducky "blow[s] up one of the captives with shrapnel in a furnace," while using the "autopsy victim['s] stomach odor as a distraction to buy more time." 

Not only did the situation require Ducky to get his hands dirty, but it also showed how creative he can be when put under pressure. While recalling the episode on the Insider's Blog, writer Steven C. Binder revealed that their goal was to present Ducky and Palmer with a sticky situation that could only be overcome by them using their "expertise." He also said that he didn't want to make it too "gross," though he admits he failed in that regard. Odor and explosions ain't pretty, after all.