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Here's Where You Can Watch Magical Girl Site

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While the '90s anime "Sailor Moon" helped popularize the magical girl genre, 2011's "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" — one of the best anime of the past decade — flipped the script on its head by injecting some darkness into the sparkles and hearts.

Then comes 2018's "Magical Girl Site," which takes that darkness and runs with it. The main character, Aya Asagiri (Yuko Ono), is severely depressed due to facing continuous harsh bullying at school and physical abuse at the hands of her brother. Then, a strange website — the titular magical girl site — offers her a chance to gain some power of her own and become a magical girl. Enter: A winged, cutesy heart-shaped gun in her school locker that's absolutely deadly. Soon enough, Aya meets other magical girls at school, and the series focuses on their friendships forged through their shared trauma, a collective effort to unravel the mysteries of the website, and a lot more murder and abuse.

If you're down for some seriously heavy themes, uncomfortable scenes, a lot of blood, and a little magic, here's where you can watch it.

Magical Girl Site is streaming on Amazon Prime

All 12 episodes of "Magical Girl Site" are available on Amazon Prime. Each episode is about 24 minutes long, making the whole series nearly five hours long in total. Currently, this is the only site it's streaming on. For anyone without Amazon Prime, the "Magical Girl Site" anime is based on the manga of the same name, which is collected in 16 volumes. So, reading the manga offers another avenue for getting the story, though the two have differences.

Many positive reviewers of the series say if you can stick with the series for its first few extremely graphic episodes, which include scenes of sexual assault in addition to everything previously mentioned, the story is fully worth it after that. Still, it's not a happy story by any means, so viewers be warned. If you need a bit of a palette cleanser after watching "Magical Girl Site," there's a new "Sailor Moon" movie heating up Netflix. The two make an interesting contrast, as "Sailor Moon" originates from similar themes of bullying and middle school stress, but goes in a completely different direction.