Major Clues The New Star Wars TV Spot Gave Us

We thought we'd seen the last of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers, but we were so very wrong. A new television trailer recently emerged from the Rancor-protected vaults of Lucasfilm, with dozens more frames of footage for Star Wars sleuths to scrutinize, analyze, and ultimately, rhapsodize about. The fresh film dialogue and shots reveal some pretty interesting stuff and leave a few more clues available for those who are into cinematic dissection. So, what do we think we know now that we didn't know before?

Yoda Redux

Alien pirate Maz Kanata seems to be playing a big role in a few of the Force Awakens trailers, providing voiceovers replete with ancient wisdom and hints at Force sensitivity. In the most recent TV spot, she indicates that she's probably pretty dang old. We don't know her species, what she looks like, or how long-lived her people might be, but there's a lot of emphasis that Maz knows at least one of the core crew of the Original Trilogy. Maz's voiceover has given more indication than ever that she's the new Yoda, and the secret guiding force for this new generation.

The Same Eyes In Different People

As Maz speaks about seeing "the same eyes in different people," the screen fades from the mysterious Rey to Han Solo, and then to Poe Dameron and Finn exchanging a glance. With all this talk of eyes, it's a little hard to tell which two characters might be ocularly connected, but then the image switches back to Rey, as Maz says, "I know your eyes." Forget about the speculation that none of the new kids are related to the old crew, because we can now be almost completely certain that Rey is the progeny of Han Solo. Whether or not she's a part of the Skywalker lineage remains to be seen, since we still don't know if Han and Leia ever got it together.

Every Generation Has A Story

Adding more to the whole family tree theory is the fact that The Force Awakens' first TV spot displays the words "Every generation has a story." Of course, the word "generation" can refer to any group of people falling into a certain age group, directly related to the previous group or not, but the corroborating evidence here is undeniable. We already knew that Lucasfilm tossed out the entirety of the Expanded Universe, but there was some hope that shreds of it remained. We can now officially mourn for Anakin Solo Jr., but maybe say hello to this new version of Jaina Solo. And we all know that would make Kylo Ren into the dark Jacen Solo. Maybe the Expanded Universe isn't quite dead after all...

Rey Vs. Ren

We've seen Finn hold a lightsaber against Kylo Ren's sputtering, red blade, but we've never seen Rey face off against the new Sith-y bad guy, until now. Instead, we've only seen her with Kylo Ren's blade at her throat. While she's not slinging a plasma sword, she does fire her blaster at Ren as he approaches her in a forest, and in true Vader style, he deflects the blast effortlessly. Kylo Ren is clearly a guy who means business, and he's coming after anyone who gets in his way. Vader's main mission was to eradicate all Jedi, and Kylo Ren has intimated that he was going to complete Vader's is Rey one of those pesky Jedi?

Pilot Rey

The Force Awakens TV spot focuses more on Rey than any other previous spot, positioning her as the franchise's new Luke, whereas Finn's story seemed to take center stage in the films' earlier trailers. We've only recently seen Rey sit behind the controls of a space-faring ship, however. Young Anakin has a reputation as a notably awesome pilot, and those same skills are used by Luke when he blows up the first Death Star. Of course, Han Solo's also a guy who bends the laws of physics to complete the Kessel Run in record time, so between the Solo's speed and Skywalker's accuracy, we probably have a space pilot of supernatural skill in Rey.