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New Overwatch Comic Shows Bastion And Torbjorn's Friendship

Blizzard has just unveiled a brand-new Overwatch comic, and it's kind of adorable.

The 11th comic published for the team-based shooter title, "Binary" centers around the kind-hearted tank hero Bastion—but not everyone sees him that way. In "Binary," the E-54 Bastion unit (the same one Overwatch fans play in-game) and his tiny yellow bird companion settle down in a forest outside of a small town in rural Sweden. However, the townsfolk and government officials believe him to be hostile and even call him a "terror."

Afraid for their own safety, those living in the Swedish village join forces to hunt Bastion down. And their force is led by none other than Torbjorn, the Santa Claus-adjacent hero that has the strength and wherewithal to take Bastion units down lickety-split. We won't spoil too much of the comic for you, but things take a sweet turn when Torbjorn sees the softer side to this particular Bastion. Remarkably, the E-54 unit isn't aggressive at all.

Read up on their unlikely friendship over on the official Overwatch comic website. "Binary" was written by Matt Burns and James Waugh, with art by Joe Ng and Espen Grundetjern.

"Binary" comes just a few months after the infamous "Reflections" comic that announced the Tracer had a girlfriend, and reveals just as much background information on our two main men as it did for the time-traveling hero. It seems Blizzard will continue in this fashion for future comic installments.

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