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What Is The Song In Shang-Chi's New Need Teaser Trailer?

As fans wait anxiously for a "Spider-Man: No Way Home" trailer, Marvel tides everyone over with a new teaser for the upcoming "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings." Honestly, it's not a bad compromise.

"Shang-Chi" is the next film set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe to come out, following the runaway success of July's "Black Widow." The film will introduce the world to the next superhero to help protect the universe in the aftermath of "Avengers: Endgame." Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.) and Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) may be gone, but they left the planet's protection in good hands, as the few teasers for "Shang-Chi" attest to.

Simu Liu appears to perfectly embody the latest addition to the MCU family, as he attempts to move out of his corrupt father's shadow, all while learning how to control his new gifts. With ample world-building and a more comic-accurate portrayal of the Mandarin (Tony Leung), there's a lot to get excited about before the film comes out on September 3. The trailers so far know how to build hype, in large part thanks to the excellent musical choices. The last trailer incorporated an unreleased track from Jackson Wang, and the new teaser ups the ante with a banger from Higher Brothers.

Fans think Higher Brothers are on the Shang-Chi soundtrack

If the song choices from the last couple of "Shang-Chi" teasers are any indication, the upcoming film could very well give "Black Panther" a run for its money for best Marvel soundtrack. It sounds as though the movie will feature plenty of original songs from prominent Chinese artists. The previous trailer had an unreleased single from Jackson Wang, and based on fan chatter across social media, it sounds like the superstar group Higher Brothers will also get in on the action. 

Anyone who cued up their Shazam app when the trailer started that epic piano intro was unfortunately out of luck. This track hasn't received an official release as of this writing, so we don't presently know the title. However, some fans with excellent hearing believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Chinese hip-hop group Higher Brothers is behind the latest track. In a discussion on an MCU subreddit, u/GuavaWave mentioned, "The music in this trailer sounds like Higher Brothers." u/nvrmind2000 seemed to confirm this: "Sounds like it's Higher Brothers. I can recognize Psy and Melo's voices. I'm pretty sure the other trailers was Jackson Wang though."

Higher Brothers also have a professional relationship with the music label 88rising, which seems to be related to the soundtrack somehow. When the more extended trailer came out in April 2021, 88rising posted the video on its Instagram page. With a little over a month until "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" comes out, expect more details about the soundtrack to come out very soon. You'll definitely want to listen to it as soon as it's available.