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Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer Centers On A Fan-Favorite Character

Fans of AMC's first "Walking Dead" spinoff, "Fear the Walking Dead," have gotten a glimpse at the show's upcoming seventh season in the form of a new trailer, one that shows new dangers beyond the usual walkers and power-hungry tyrants. 

Season 6 ended with a bang, as a series of nuclear explosions launched by the mad cult leader Teddy (John Glover) and his followers detonates across Texas. This new escalation has prompted fan theories about how the explosions will further complicate the ruined world, and the trailer answers at least one sliver of the questions audiences might have about what awaits the show's cast of characters. 

The entire trailer consists of two scenes focused on Morgan Jones (Lennie James) and Grace Mukherjee (Karen David), which together set the table for at least one corner of the Walking Dead world going into the seventh season of "Fear." It's a world with no signs (for now) of active conflict, but plenty of danger nonetheless. 

What dangers does Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead hold?

In the first shot, the camera tracks down the hatches and hallways of the Pennsylvania. The cold, metallic interior rings with the echoes of a child's crying, but the first person we see is not the little one but Morgan, lying in his bunk deciding whether to go to her. When he finally does, the child, originally Rachel's (Brigitte Kali Canales), still does not appear entirely at ease with Morgan, turning away as he reaches in to take her and soothe her. That's when Grace appears, and Morgan explains to her that he thinks the child is hungry. Now we know the problem with their place of refuge; they appear to be out of supplies. 

Which seems to set up the second scene. A ladder is thrown down from the top of the sub, and Grace, the former nuclear plant worker, descends it, wearing a full suite of protective gear and carrying a timer for her journey. The world she's climbing down into is orange with dust and barren of life, presumably from the nukes. Judging by the glimpses at her timer, Grace walks for nearly two hours to arrive at a supermarket, its sign obscured but its shopping carts still mostly intact. There she sees a walker, still writhing, clearly not destroyed by the explosion or the radiation, inside the mangled remains of a shopping cart. She moves past it. It's clearly not a threat, but will the same be true for any others she meets? 

Season 7 of "Fear the Walking Dead" premieres on AMC October 17.