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Out Of Every Rick And Morty Gadget, This One Stands Above The Rest

Mad scientist Rick Sanchez has invented or handled dozens of wild sci-fi gadgets over the course of "Rick and Morty," Adult Swim's hit animated comedy series. There's the Meeseeks Box, which creates a jovial humanoid always named Mr. Meeseeks to help the summoner complete a task — but if a Mr. Meeseeks can't complete his task, he goes insane. There's the Interdimensional Cable Box, which allows Rick and his grandson Morty to watch TV shows from all over the multiverse. There's the Curse Remover, a wonderful device that allows users to turn items cursed by Devil back into regular, un-cursed objects. There's even the Butter Robot, a heartbreaking device that Rick invented for the sole purpose of passing the butter and cursed with a dim sense of self-awareness of its own meaninglessness.

But none of these gadgets are the best "Rick and Morty" gadget. No matter what timeline Rick and Morty are on, there's one that stands above all the rest in importance. It's the device that makes all the others possible. Without it, Rick and Morty wouldn't be able to go on all of their self-destructive misadventures, because they'd have no way of getting to other dimensions. We're talking, of course, about the Portal Gun.

Go go gadget Rick

The Portal Gun has appeared in every episode of "Rick and Morty," because it's one of the first things you see in the opening credits, when Rick opens a portal to escape from an alien chasing him and leaves Morty behind. The device is exactly what it sounds like: a gun that tears a hole in the fabric of space and allows Rick and Morty to cross back and forth between dimensions.

Since it's so important to the whole story of "Rick and Morty," the Portal Gun generally tops lists of the best "Rick and Morty" gadgets. It's #1 on Ranker's user-selected list. It's the highest-rated "best" item on ScreenRant's list of the best and worst "Rick and Morty" inventions, with writer Johnny Gonzales noting that Rick seems to be the only person in the universe with such a sophisticated Portal Gun, which makes it even more valuable. The Galactic Federation is always trying to get his code. And GameSpot Universe's video about Rick's best and worst inventions described the Portal Gun as "without a doubt" Rick's best invention. "With seemingly infinite dimensions, there's seemingly infinite uses for a Portal Gun," said producer Dave Klein. He also noted that the Portal Gun can be used as a weapon. When a portal is placed on someone, it cuts them in half. So it's versatile, too.

It's unanimous that the Portal Gun is the best gadget on "Rick and Morty." Every Rick in the multiverse would agree.