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The Pet Sematary Prequel Just Landed A Legendary Actress

When you've written as many stories as Stephen King, it's tough to nail one down that's more prominent than the others. However, one could make a solid argument that the work that's permeated popular culture the most is "Pet Sematary." Not only was it a successful book, but it was turned into a solid horror film in the 1980s. In the years since the book's publication, the story has been parodied by everything from "South Park" to "Family Guy" to the point where any pet cemetery is synonymous with creatures rising from the dead.

Most recently, "Pet Sematary" received a reboot in 2019 that made some pretty significant changes to the main story while still keeping the essence of the horror alive and well. The remake appears to have done well, seeing how Paramount has moved forward with a new prequel story. It's an intriguing direction to take. The original 1989 film received a direct sequel, but a story set before the events of the story everyone knows hasn't materialized before. It has the potential to tread new ground, and while the cast of the 2019 film isn't reported to play a role, the new group has shaped up nicely. 

The "Pet Sematary" prequel cast already includes Forrest Goodluck ("Cherry"), Jackson White ("The Middle"), and Jack Mulhern ("The Society"). Now, Variety reports a true legend of the silver screen will be getting in on the frights. 

Pam Grier makes a trip to the Pet Sematary

Pam Grier is highly influential in the realm of cinema. She got her start in the 1970s, starring in many action-oriented, blaxploitation films. Quentin Tarantino even referred to her as "cinema's first female action star" (via Wizard World) for her work in movies like "Coffy," "Foxy Brown," and "Sheba, Baby." She went through a bit of a dry spell after those successes, only appearing sporadically in TV series and lesser-known films for over 10 years, but then, she got the opportunity of a lifetime when Tarantino tapped her to star in "Jackie Brown," revitalizing her career. 

Grier's stayed busy in the 21st century with roles in "Poms" and "Bless This Mess." Now, she's venturing into horror territory with an as-of-yet undisclosed role in the "Pet Sematary" prequel. Not much is known about what will transpire in the film. Variety describes it as "an origin story to the Stephen King novel about a family that discovers a rather disturbing graveyard in the woods behind their home." The prequel will premiere exclusively on Paramount+, and it should begin filming in August 2021. Expect more details to arise in the weeks and months to come. 

This isn't Grier's first foray into the horror genre. She starred in the 1973 horror blaxploitation film "Scream Blacula Scream" in addition to "Bones," "Ghosts of Mars," and "Twilight People." Now, she'll see what happens when you bury an animal where you shouldn't have buried it.