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Is Camp Crystal Lake From Friday The 13th Actually Real?

Horror fans have always flocked to movie locations, whether it's to take pictures, recreate scenes, or to simply scare themselves. It's like a movie lover's version of haunted housing. Unfortunately, some of the most iconic horror sets don't actually exist. What about the location of the original "Friday the 13th" film?

Camp Crystal Lake may not be featured in every film in the sprawling franchise, though it's the location of Jason Voorhees' villain origin story. As a young camper, he drowned in Crystal Lake at the hands of inattentive counselors, causing his mother to go on a killing spree. Plus, it's out of that same lake where an undead Jason springs up at the end of the 1980 film.

While the franchise certainly made sleepaway summer camps more terrifying, many horror fans would be happy to roll out a sleeping bag at the spooky site. Can you actually spend the summer at Camp Crystal Lake? Here's the truth behind this lethal locale.

Not your average summer camp

While Jason Voorhees may not be around stalking counselors, Camp Crystal Lake is a real, functional summer camp. Located in the hills of Hardwick, New Jersey, Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco is a popular Boy Scouts camp that's closed to the public.

However, the camp offers occasional tours for "Friday the 13th" fans to visit filming locations, take photos, and participate in camp life. In the past, guests have received exclusive souvenirs and been joined by celebrity guests like Adrienne King and Ari Lehman. They even offer nighttime tours for the more daring fans.

In addition to pleasing horror fans, the tours also help the camp raise money for its youth programs and various projects. They recognize the significance of the location and are a good sport about eager movie buffs, playfully answering the question "Will I be able to run around like a maniac wearing a hockey mask?" on their website.

The answer is no. It's a children's camp, and the trauma would be too much.