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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 13 Ending Explained

The past two weeks have been interesting for "Star Wars: The Bad Batch," with "Devil's Deal" excluding the titular team entirely and "Rescue on Ryloth" featuring them as secondary characters. The spotlight was firmly on the Syndulla family, with Hera (Vanessa Marshall) kicking off a desperate rescue mission to free her parents, Cham (Robin Atkin Downes) and Eleni (Ferelith Young), from Imperial custody. Our heroes were successful, thanks in large part to the heroism of Captain Howzer (Dee Bradley Baker), who resisted his inhibitor chip, gave an impassioned speech on the tyranny of the Empire, and even convinced some of his brothers to revolt.

At this point, the Bad Batch have concluded their dealings with the people of Ryloth, but where are they all headed from here? Well, they've simply chosen to go back to the status quo. The squad is still under the employ of Cid (Rhea Perlman) and making a quick buck wherever they can while simultaneously staying under the Empire's radar. However, this time around, a wrench was thrown into their usual routine, one that involved deadly crime syndicates, a hive of nocturnal bugs, a few crates of spice, and a life lesson that'll likely impact the series going forward.

Here's the ending of 13th episode of "The Bad Batch," titled "Infested," explained.

Hostile takeover

We open "Infested" as we have opened countless other episodes this season, with Clone Force 99 returning to Ord Mantell via the Havoc Marauder. The group chats on their way back to Cid's, but their conversation ceases once they walk through the door. Not only is the parlor much busier than usual, but it's occupied by a menacing crew of guards, one of which ends up knocked out for trying to keep the team out of Cid's office. We learn she's been ousted from power by an ambitious young criminal named Roland Durand (Tom Taylorson).

Following a brief chat with the Devaronian, the Bad Batch return to their ship and find Cid waiting. She explains that Durand comes from a family of criminals and he's now striking out on his own to begin his own legacy. Given the convenient location of Cid's bar near several key hyperspace routes, he chose to take over and kick off a working relationship with the Pyke syndicate. For those who are unfamiliar with this faction, they were present throughout the later seasons of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and even made a brief appearance in 2018's "Solo: A Star Wars Story."

Where there's smoke, there's fire. Could the emergence of the Pykes point to the introduction of Crimson Dawn on "The Bad Batch?" If so, are we in for either a Dryden Vos or Darth Maul cameo in the near future? We'll have to wait and see.

Sneaking behind enemy lines

Unsurprisingly, it doesn't take long for the wily Cid to cook up a plan to get her parlor back. Privy to Durand's deal with the Pykes, she knew they were on their way to collect the spice he agreed to supply them. She intends to join the Bad Batch on a mission to sneak into her office and steal the cargo right out from under them. This way, Durand is punished for not delivering on his end of the bargain and is promptly eliminated, allowing Cid to reclaim what's hers.

Hunter (Baker) isn't 100% on board with the plan. He and his team have stuck their necks out for Cid countless times and the compensation hasn't been proportionate. Therefore, why should they yet again go out of their way to help her? Mainly because Omega (Michelle Ang) convinces him and the rest of the team. Even though it has gotten her into trouble before, her unending desire to lend a helping hand wins Hunter over, and he reluctantly agrees to aid Cid.

Though this scene wasn't long or substantial, it's good to see Omega coming into her own as a member of the crew. Much like she did with Hera last week, she stands up to her older, more experienced brother and challenges his worldview. Unlike the other Bad Batch members, she doesn't have the mind of a soldier and leans into her empathetic side, surely hoping to change their mode of thinking as well.

Better call the exterminator

To get into Cid's office undetected, Cid and the Bad Batch use the abandoned Ord Mantell mining tunnels that run beneath the surface. There's a hatch inside the office that leads directly to them, so they'll use it to enter and extract the spice containers. The only issue with this plan is that for a large portion of their journey they have to carefully maneuver past a nest of irlings: nocturnal, moth-like creatures that don't take kindly to visitors. The trip to the office goes off without a hitch, but the way back is a bit messy.

Roland Durand's guards catch wind of Cid's plan and pursue her group on their way out of the mines. They aren't aware of the irling nest, so they foolishly give chase with their blasters at the ready, waking the sleeping bugs and causing them to attack everyone in sight. Durand's men are not so lucky, but our heroes make it out safe and sound, aside from a few scratches. Unfortunately, they must return to the tunnels by order of the Pykes to retrieve the spice containers they dropped. If they don't comply, Omega will pay with her life.

Thankfully, even though they are swarmed for a moment, Wrecker (Baker) and Cid make it out of the mines with their lives once again. Tech (Baker) uses an explosive device that emits beams of light to scare off the insects, allowing them to collect the final containers of spice and bring them back to the Pykes.

Even in darkness, it is possible to create light

To round out "Infested," Clone Force 99 and Cid return to the surface and deliver the spice to the Pykes. The gangsters call it even, but not before chopping off one of Durand's horns as punishment for failing to get the job done the first time. This certainly didn't tickle, but it beats the gruesome demise they almost gave him had Omega not intervened on his behalf. She vouches for him, citing his inexperience in this line of work, and Cid backs her up by warning the Pykes of a potential war with Durand's family.

In celebration of a job well done, Cid offers up drinks to the Bad Batch, with Echo (Baker), Tech, and Wrecker happily obliging. Hunter and Omega want to join them, but he hangs back and asks her first why she stuck up for Durand after all the misery he's caused them. She claims she's unsure, but Ruby, his pet, seems to like him, positing that he's probably not 100% bad despite his misdeeds. 

Even though we don't see him in "Infested," this moment points to how Hunter has reconciled his strained relationship with Crosshair (Baker). He has done some horrendous things under the influence of his inhibitor chip, and the Bad Batch haven't made an effort to bring him back from the brink. It's easy to see him as too far gone or unapologetically evil, but that's surely not the case. There's still good in him, but it's up to his brothers to find it before it's too late.