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What The Wolf From Sexy Beasts Looks Like In Real Life

Contains spoilers for "Sexy Beasts" Season 1, Episode 4

At first glance, Netflix's "Sexy Beasts" feels like something you would hallucinate after eating Guatemalan Insanity Peppers. It's like a dream that, upon waking up, will have you looking at your pet, expecting it to talk to you about its previous dating history. However, this show is all too real, and with all of the episodes now available on the streaming platform, you can see which people manage to find love beneath all of the fur. 

The premise is similar to what you've seen in other reality dating series. One person goes on dates with three suitors hoping to win their hearts. By the end of the episode, the leading individual has to select which suitor out of the three wins a second date. The catch here is that contestants don't know what one another looks like until the end of the episode when the prosthetics come off. 

Similar to other masked shows before it like "The Masked Singer" and "The Masked Dancer," the primary driving force behind the series involves seeing what people look like behind their costumes. If you can't wait to see what Episode 4's Wolf looks like in real life, we have your back. 

Ibrahim has the moves

By the end of the episode, we learn who the lone wolf was all along — dancer and graffiti artist Ibrahim. He was entirely unrecognizable in his wolf mask, which covered his head with gray and white fur. Unlike other contestants, where you can make out their hair and other facial features a little bit, Ibrahim remains an enigma throughout his episode until the grand reveal. The dancer spends his time between London and New York City, but he slowed things down to go on three separate dates, ultimately winding up with Gabi, a.k.a. the Owl (via CNET). 

While it was love at first sight on "Sexy Beasts," things seem to have cooled down between the two since the show's release. Ibrahim doesn't have an Instagram profile, but Gabi does that's void of any content related to her one-time lone wolf. She has uploaded photos of her hanging out in the United Kingdom with friends, and Ibrahim's nowhere to be found. Chances are they didn't have a connection outside of animal costumes, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who saw the episode. Ibrahim mentioned he didn't like dogs sleeping on his bed during their date, which was a bit of a turn-off for Gabi, seeing as how she has two dogs she's very attached to. 

The relationship may not have last, but their dance battle in the bar will live on forever.