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Star Wars Characters Who Might Be Kylo Ren's Parents

With the release of the final Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, more and more questions are being asked about the mysterious villain Kylo Ren. And with those questions come inevitable fan theories about his true identity, and which characters in the Star Wars universe might be responsible for bringing him into the galaxy. Going by the age of Adam Driver, the actor portraying Kylo Ren, someone got busy around the time of Return of the Jedi and made an evil, maybe-Sith baby. Possibly even on purpose.

Han Solo And Princess Leia

Probably the most prominent theory is that shortly after destroying the second Death Star, Han Solo and Princess Leia decided they want to hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet running around the Millennium Falcon and had a son named Kylo. The names might even prove it, as "Kylo" can be a "clever" combination of "S-KY-walker" and "So-LO." With the Force running strong in his family, it's only a matter of time until little Kylo needs Jedi training, which is where Uncle Luke steps in and entirely screws the pooch. Because, soon, the kid's running around with a metal mask and a red lightsaber slicing people up. He also might be talking to Darth Vader's melted up helmet, so none of that's ending well, and possibly explains why Luke is nowhere to be seen in any of the trailers—because he's hiding out somewhere and swearing off babysitting for a while.

Luke Skywalker

Due to his excessive whining and documented history of sister-kissing, Luke doesn't come up all that often as a candidate for Kylo Ren's dad. But then again, he did smoke Jabba the Hutt's entire operation and destroyed the Emperor, so surely that's enough to get him lucky on some planet. As for his fathering skills? Well, if Luke is truly Kylo's dad, the aforementioned part about red lightsabers and slicing people up shows that he probably didn't make the best father figure.

Darth Vader

Was Darth Vader still anatomically intact after being burnt alive in a lava pit? George Lucas uncharacteristically didn't take the time to spell that one out in the prequels, so hey, maybe he was. Maybe The Force Awakens is the family reunion you won't want to miss: Luke and Leia meet their new baby brother and find out why he's talking to a melted piece of their dad's face. Bring the kids!

The Emperor

Making meticulous plans to dominate an entire galaxy, wiping out an entire order of space monks, and ensuring that battle-stations are fully operational doesn't leave a lot of time for romance. But when you're the Emperor and your top employee is clearly plotting to have his secret son murder you so he can steal your job, it behooves a Sith Lord to leave behind a legacy. Then again, that involves someone making sweet love to your gross, shriveled-up prune-face and risking severe electrical burns, so you know what? Let's scratch this one. None of this is happening.

Boba Fett

After being introduced in The Empire Strikes Back as a badass bounty hunter who talks back to Darth Vader like he knows Hayden Christensen is under that mask, Boba Fett got a pretty crappy send-off when he was unceremoniously killed in the first 20 minutes of Return of the Jedi by a blind Han Solo. So what better way to fix that mistake by having his son carry on the proud Mandalorian tradition of wielding a laser sword like a boss without even having the Force? Just imagine everyone's faces.

"Hey, who's this Kylo Ren causing all the ruckus?"

"He's the son of the guy you knocked into that sand-pit-monster-thing."


Born Of The Force

If J.J. Abrams wants to watch movie theaters across America go down in flames, he'll repeat one of the several thousand mistakes made in the Star Wars prequels and have Kylo Ren be "born of the Force" a la Anakin Skywalker. And if you're wondering what "born of the Force" means, it means an immaculately conceived Space Messiah. Which is exactly as ridiculous as it sounds, and usually ends in really bad acting and people whining about sand. If there's a God of Movies, this won't happen, but J.J. Abrams is also the same guy who signed off on magic Khan blood in Star Trek Into Darkness, so who the hell knows? Nothing is safe!