New Details From The Force Awakens International Trailer

Bet you thought you'd seen all the Star Wars footage you could before The Force Awakens hits theaters in December. But as the reveal of the movie's international trailer proves, you were wronger than a Trandoshan standing barefoot on a Star Destroyer. Here are some of the details we've gleaned from the new trailer...

Rey Is Waiting For Her Family

In the beginning of the trailer, we see Rey talking to BB-8, that little sphere droid that everyone wants for Christmas (R2D2 is so 1977, you guys). She tells the robot, "I know all about waiting [...] for my family." Family? Which family is that, eh? Could it be the Solos? Or the Skywalkers? Or someone else? As we've heard during Luke's voice-over from an earlier teaser trailer, the last Jedi is all about how the Force is strong in his family. We don't know much about Rey, but there's a good bet she's from an important bloodline...

Rey Can Talk To Droids?

When Luke talks to R2D2 in the original trilogy, he does so with the help of his X-Wing's on-board computer. While Rey and BB-8 walk along the sand on Jakku, she has no such computer to understand what the droid replies in his adorable bleeps and bloops. That raises some interesting questions about her abilities. We've seen footage of her salvaging technology and working with machines—but maybe she can talk to them, too. You know who else had an affinity for technology and machinery? That adorable little scamp, Anakin Skywalker.

Finn Has Luke Skywalker's Old Lightsaber

Earlier trailers have shown Finn wielding a blue-bladed lightsaber. In the international trailer, we see someone (presumably Han Solo) handing over a lightsaber that looks a whole lot like Luke's old lightsaber from Episodes IV and V. While we've seen that particular hand-off in one of the earlier teaser trailers, this is the first time it's been juxtaposed directly with Finn holding a saber himself. If there was any doubt that Finn's got the galaxy's most coveted antique, it's been erased now. Considering how many different designs there are for lightsabers in these movies, it doesn't seem like carelessness or a coincidence that the one Finn has in this new movie looks so damn familiar. But here's a big question: just how the hell did this thing get rescued from that bottomless pit from Empire Strikes Back?

Kylo Ren's Plan Is His "Destiny"

In the American trailer that debuted during Monday Night Football, Kylo Ren tells the melty helmet of Darth Vader that "Nothing will stand in our way. I will finish what you started." That's suitably ominous, for sure. But in the international trailer, the dialogue is slightly different, starting with, "I will fulfill our destiny." Whoa. The last time Vader talked about destiny was when he told Luke that he would destroy the Emperor. The Emperor himself said that Luke's destiny was at his side, giving into the Dark Side. We're not saying Kylo Ren is Luke Skywalker...but maybe there's some unfinished business from the original trilogy...

Could Rey Be...The Emperor's Daughter?

Okay. Rey has a pretty strong British accent, which is more apparent in this trailer than it has been to this point. As we all know, the original trilogy was rife with British accents—and they almost exclusively belonged to agents and ranking officers of the Empire. Rey is waiting for her family, but we don't know which one. Kylo Ren is looking to fulfill his and Vader's destiny, which, it could be argued, has always been the ultimate destruction of the Emperor. Jedi aren't typically allowed to procreate (as we learned in the prequels), and Luke may not have wanted to propagate Vader's bloodline and its tendencies to be all evil and stuff. But we have no idea whether or not Emperor Palpatine had a slam-piece on the side.

We have a very clear and exciting shot in this trailer of Kylo Ren's lightsaber getting awfully close to Rey's neck. Is it so hard to believe that maybe these trailers have been teasing that Rey's last name might be "Skywalker" or "Solo," when, in fact, she's actually "Rey Palpatine"?

Or Maybe Rey Is Kylo Ren's Twin?

Skywalkers, we've learned, like to arrive in pairs, with different levels of affinity for the Force. Luke and Leia, of course, are both Force capable, but only one followed the path of the Jedi. We never see Rey wield a lightsaber in these trailers, but, as we've mentioned (exhaustively), she's got some important connection to her family. Kylo Ren, meanwhile, is definitely not a nice dude. Could Rey and Ren be related like Luke and Leia? Might they be a new pair of Skywalkers, but one went bad while the other went into hiding? Is Ren's destiny turning his sister to the Dark Side, following in ol' Grandpappy Vader's footsteps?