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Matt Bomer Dishes On His Steamy Scene With Lady Gaga In American Horror Story

"American Horror Story: Hotel," the fifth season of the FX anthology series, aired in October of 2015. It follows the inner workings of the mysterious Hotel Cortez of Los Angeles, which is run by the eccentric bloodsucking Countess (played by Lady Gaga in a Golden Globe-winning performance). Matt Bomer plays Donovan, the ex-lover of the Countess, who she saved from a heroin overdose by infecting him with "the blood virus" and turning him into a vampire.

"Hotel" may have been Bomer's only "AHS" season, but he has recently returned to the universe with the newly-premiered spinoff series, "American Horror Stories." He stars in the first two episodes of the first season, "Rubber (Wo)man: Part One" and "Rubber (Wo)man: Part Two." While doing the interview rounds for "American Horror Stories," Bomer's past experiences working within "AHS" came up in conversations — namely, a very memorable, steamy scene involving Donovan and the Countess in "AHS: Hotel."

Bomer says filming the scene in question was 'wild' and 'memorable'

Anyone who has seen "AHS: Hotel" definitely remembers the a particularly steamy scene featuring Matt Bomer and Lady Gaga — what begins as a four-person adult interaction soon evolves into a bloodbath, as vampires Donovan and the Countess kill and feast on their partners. The scene, which occurs in the first episode of the season, is graphic in more than one way, and really sets the tone for the season. Naturally, it's one that viewers remember — as do the actors.

While speaking with the New York Post about his arc in "American Horror Stories," Bomer brought up this scene while reflecting on his time working in the "AHS" world. Bomer said, "Honestly, I feel that ever since the blood orgy I did with Lady Gaga, everything is pretty tame after that. I was head to toe 'Carrie' prom scene-esque levels of blood. They basically wrapped us up like sardines in tarp in between takes of that [scene]. It was Gaga and I, and these two wonderful actors who we'd just met 10 minutes before, lying on a tarp next to each other sandwiched in. And they'd peel the tarp off and we'd do the next take. It was very strange. So after that, any amount of corn syrup [for fake blood] is pretty tame. That was a wild experience. It was certainly memorable."

We definitely agree that "AHS" knows how to create some unforgettable scenes.