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Masamune Kun No Revenge Season 2 - What We Know So Far

The phrase "all is fair in love and war" might be true, but that alone doesn't justify someone's actions when it comes to either. There may not be hard and fast rules in romance or battle, but there is an etiquette to it. Much like how biological weaponry is generally seen as a no-no by the world's governing bodies, spending your entire life working on a revenge plan to get back at the girl who harshly rejected you is also considered a jerk move.

Despite all of this common knowledge, Masamune Makabe, the teenage protagonist of the rom-com anime, "Masamune Kun No Revenge" desperately needs someone to teach him this lesson. Unfortunately, the first season of "Masamune Kun No Revenge" concluded before such a feat could be accomplished. Instead, the 2017 anime wrapped up with a cliffhanger, leaving Masamune's final decision unresolved.

Years later, fans are still wondering what could possibly become of Masamune and his love/hate relationship with the apple of his ire, Aki. As such, many are excited at the prospect of a "Masamune Kun No Revenge" Season 2. Here's what we know so far about the release date, characters, and plot of "Masamune Kun No Revenge" Season 2.

Updated April 19, 2022: This article has been updated to include Season 2's confirmation.

When will Masamune Kun No Revenge Season 2 release?

Just over five years have passed since the finale of "Masamune Kun No Revenge" Season 1, which first aired in March of 2017. During much of this time, studio Silver Link has shared next-to-nothing about the series' continuation in spite of the fact that they ended its first season on a cliffhanger, leaving many fans with the expectation that the show would return at some point in the future.

Finally, in April of 2021, the official Japanese language Twitter account for "Masamune Kun No Revenge" announced that a second season is now in production. Unfortunately for fans of the show eager for this next batch of episodes, this first news of Season 2 was absent a release date. Furthermore, since animation is a famously laborious medium, it's unlikely that "Masamune Kun No Revenge" Season 2 will premiere until sometime during 2023 at the absolute earliest.

Who are the characters in Masamune Kun No Revenge Season 2?

As a romance, "Masamune Kun No Revenge" intently focuses on a small cast, primarily Masamune and Aki. Once a rather pudgy child, the young Masamune became fast friends with the beautiful Aki Adagaki. Upon asking her out, however, the girl curtly rejects him while nicknaming him "Pig Foot." Heartbroken, Masamune dedicates the following years to becoming fit and attractive so that he may woo Aki once more before rejecting her as ruthlessly as she had to him years ago. The pair are voiced by actors Natsuki Hanae and Ayaka Ohashi, respectively (via Myanimelist).

Joining the main duo are two more characters of significance, Yoshino Koiwai and Neko Fujinomiya. The former works as the wealthy Aki's personal maid, who is motivated by her master's mistreatment into helping Masamune with his devilish plan. She is voiced by Inori Minase. The other is a second childhood friend of Masamune's who is reunited with the protagonist after a chance encounter with him and Aki. She is voiced by Suzuko Mimori.

Western anime fans will also be delighted to know that "Masamune Kun No Revenge" Season 1 received an English dub, meaning they may be introduced to these characters in their native language. Presumably then, fans can expect a dubbed version of Season 2 as well.

What is the plot of Masamune Kun No Revenge Season 2?

As previously stated, the first season of "Masamune Kun No Revenge" concluded with a cliffhanger, leaving Masamune's decision to betray Aki's trust unresolved. The two had just participated in their class' "Snow White" play, a production which included a kiss between the two would-be lovers. Oddly, Masamune's on-stage kiss was met with a punch from Aki. However, the two make up and share a close moment before she leaves on a field trip to Paris. Masamune considers going after her.

The ensuing manga chapters follow the two as they visit Paris with the rest of their class. Despite being nothing more than a class vacation, the two are forced into some awkward interactions that reveal Aki's past rejection of Masamune was more than it appeared. This causes Masamune to, if slightly, doubt the validity of his plan. Whether or not he goes through with the deed is yet to be seen, but fans will surely be excited to find out once Masamune Kun No Revenge" Season 2 releases.