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Every Ryan Reynolds Movie You Can Watch On Netflix

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Ryan Reynolds is one of the most versatile actors in show business. His gifts for fast talk and flawless deadpan delivery make him a standout in the comedy scene, and his rugged good looks and confidence have also shone through in romantic films. If that weren't enough, he has some seriously impressive dramatic chops, and he really brings the heat to action hero fare as well. There's truly nothing Ryan Reynolds cannot do, so every time he stars in a new film, it's an automatic must-see.

For his next outing, Reynolds stars alongside Mark Ruffalo and exciting young newcomer Walker Scobell in "The Adam Project," a sensational sci-fi film from the mind of "Stranger Things" director and producer Shawn Levy. The film features Reynolds as Adam, a time-traveling pilot who has to team up with his younger self and late father to save the future and make peace with his past. The star-studded picture also features electric performances from Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldana, Catherine Keener, and more. So prepare for a wild but emotional ride when the film hits Netflix on Friday, March 11. But until then, there are a few other great Ryan Reynolds films you can stream on Netflix right now.


Ryan Reynolds gets the chance to play two compelling characters in the 2015 Tarsem Singh thriller "Self/less." The film features Ben Kingsley as a billionaire named Damian Hale, who, after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, undergoes an experimental procedure called "shedding" to transplant his consciousness into a younger body that's supposed to be artificially created just for him. So when Damian wakes up from the harrowing ordeal, he's delighted to find himself in a fresh and fit physique and living with a new identity.

However, after forgetting to take his prescribed post-operative medication, Damian begins to experience hallucinations of a family he doesn't know and realizes they may not just be figments of his imagination. In fact, those visions belong to a man named Mark, who sold his own body to provide for his child and whose memories can only be suppressed by Damian's meds. As Mark's thoughts begin to reemerge, Damian has to make a decision about whether to return his new body to its rightful owner or rid it of Mark's mind for good. He also must set out on a perilous mission to uncover the truth of the shedding procedure before it's too late for others. Reynolds' performance in the film is completely captivating and packed full of surprises as the action unfolds.

6 Underground

Vigilantism goes to the extreme in "6 Underground." Released in 2019, Michael Bay's action-comedy film features Reynolds as One, a billionaire magnet magnate who fakes his own death in order to disappear from the world stage. Why? So he can start his own elite hit squad of other "ghosts," people who leave their old lives behind to join this secret army. With no government allegiance or systems to control their decisions, these nameless fighters are free to choose their own worthy targets.

There won't be any medals or ceremonies waiting for them after their jobs are done, but One hopes his ragtag team of talented specialists can quietly right some of the world's biggest injustices, starting with taking down a brutal dictatorial regime whose horrors he's personally witnessed. Reynolds' turn as the determined but inexperienced mercenary is a real ride, filled with intense action and the kind of levity only he could pull off.

Green Lantern

Reynolds has quite a storied history of playing complicated military veterans who are unexpectedly recruited into superheroism. In addition to becoming Wade Wilson for "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and the smash hit "Deadpool" films, Reynolds also took on the title role in the 2011 superhero action film "Green Lantern."

Based on the eponymous DC comics character, "Green Lantern" features Reynolds as Hal Jordan, an arrogant test pilot who's chosen by a power ring to join the Green Lantern Corps as a guardian of his sector after the demise of his alien predecessor. Not only does he struggle with the training process for this strange new gig, but he also faces a particularly deadly new foe in the fear-harnessing villain Parallax, who threatens to destroy Earth with the help of a possessed human who has some powerful connections. Hal must not only become the Green Lantern, but he'll have to convince the others of his ilk that his home planet is one worth fighting for.

In addition to boasting Reynolds' signature charms, the film also features an all-star cast, including Reynolds' future wife, Blake Lively, along with Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Angela Bassett, Tim Robbins, Geoffrey Rush, Taika Waititi, Michael Clarke Duncan, Clancy Brown, and more.

Red Notice

Fans won't want to miss Reynolds' delightful action-comedy work in "Red Notice." Reynolds stars in the international heist thriller alongside fellow Hollywood superstars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Gal Gadot. The actor portrays the slick con artist Nolan Booth, who has a proven talent for stealing priceless pieces of art without ever being caught, but he meets his match when Special Agent John Hartley (Johnson) tracks him down during a job.

Needless to say, their relationship begins as an adversarial one, but things quickly change when Hartley finds himself tossed into a remote Russian prison after being set up by an even savvier thief called "the Bishop" (Gal Gadot). Together, Nolan and John Hartley will have to form an unlikely team to stop the Bishop in her tracks, and they definitely do not see all of the twists and turns ahead of them on that journey. As always, Reynolds is both an action sensation and a hilarious comedic gem in the film, so be sure to take notice of "Red Notice."