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Out Of Every Scene In Friends, This One Stands Above The Rest

"Friends" pumped out hilarious episodes for 10 great seasons that rarely missed. Sure, when your catalog has 236 episodes in it, some aren't going to be as triumphant as others, but the good more than outweighs the bad with the classic NBC sitcom. Making up those episodes were a countless number of scenes where each of the six stars shined. There were the good, the great, and the truly outstanding. Some of the best scenes in "Friends" include the game in "The One With the Embryos," Ross (David Schwimmer) and Monica's (Courteney Cox) dance in "The One With the Routine," and Phoebe's (Lisa Kudrow) reaction to Monica and Chandler (Matthew Perry) in "The One Where Everybody Finds Out."

It's incredibly difficult to land on one specific scene in "Friends" that could be hailed as the most memorable or funniest. One of the greatest things about the series was that it was so consistent in its comedy, creating dozens of standout moments and episodes. One scene, however, that stands out among the rest came in Season 5 and involved Ross, Chandler, and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston). It's been ranked by BuzzFeed as one of the most memorable moments, and co-creator David Crane discussed how iconic it was when talking to Entertainment Weekly in 2019.

Ross is at the center of Friends' most iconic scene

In Season 5, Episode 16 ("The One With the Cop"), Ross and Rachel go couch shopping for the former's apartment. When Ross is insulted by the delivery charge, he takes things into his own hands and picks up the couch, while urging Rachel to do the same. The two manage to get it into the lobby of his apartment building, but they bring in a third friend to help them get it up the stairs. Ross is disappointed to see Chandler, wishing Joey (Matt LeBlanc) or Monica had come to help. Eventually, the threesome picks up the couch and tries to maneuver it up the twisty staircase.

With Ross leading the charge at the top of the steps, he instructs his helpers to "Pivot!" as they start walking up the staircase. He continues to yell at them to "pivot" in the most hilarious manner, prompting Chandler to shout back at his friend to "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" in the same way Ross had yelled his commands. The couch ends up getting stuck, and the group is never able to get it into the apartment. The pivot scene in "Friends" has become one of the most memorable moments throughout the entire series. In an episode that was rather lackluster compared to so many others that shined, the couch scene saves everything.

Adding to its memorability is that the scene also has one of the funniest bloopers to come out of the series as well, immortalized forever on YouTube. David Schwimmer absolutely loses it while yelling out "Pivot!" and can barely get a word out as he laughs and buries his head in the couch. For "Friends" fans, it's hard to even hear the word "pivot" in real life and not be taken back to that staircase. That's a true measure of the iconic scene that it was.