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Loki's Production Designer Dishes On The Loki Hideout In The Void - Exclusive

With the release of the show's season finale, "Loki" fans have enjoyed quite a stunning journey, thanks in no small part to the incredible job the show's artists did in creating the unimaginable. Looper recently spoke with Kasra Farahani, production designer for "Loki." During our talk, we asked him about The Void; for those who need a recap, Farahani detailed it and his process for how he got there: "The idea behind that and the Void generally is that it's this hyper desolate place where you've been deleted from time, and you get to the TVA, and then you've been pruned even from the TVA that's sort of deleted twice, this is where you end up."

He also explained the actual physical construction of the Void set: "The Void was an entire stage build, and so that was a massive interior terrain that we built that had seven different iterations. We would bring in different elements to make it feel different, sometimes overnight. So for example, the giant heads were one iteration of it. The drive-in movie theater was a different iteration of it, where Sylvie wakes up. There was a version of it with the engine of the space craft that they walk past. There was a version of it where Loki first wakes up with the bus shelter and all that."

He also expanded on the most compelling part of the void: The Loki Hideout, also known as the Loki Palace or the Loki Lair.

Inside the Loki Lair

Producton designer Kasra Farahani revealed more on The Void set, specifically the Loki hideout: "So it was like a dumping ground of aberrant realities, and the Loki palace was one of those realities. Where it was this strange bowling alley that had been deleted at some point and next to it, there was maybe an alien reality. So you've got alien vines growing through the Loki palace, and on top of that, they dragged the Mall Santa throne from yet another reality and they brought it together. That set sort of represented the overall spirit of the void, which was this salad bar of discarded realities, colliding into each other."

He also highlighted an Easter egg in the Loki palace: "the Polybius machine is a cool non-MCU Easter egg that Kevin Wright, our creative producer, suggested." Polybius is one of the earliest and most notorious gaming legends, about a mysterious hypnotic arcade game that was analyzed by men in black. It's the exact sort of background detail that would be found in a reality dump like The Void.

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