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How Fans Really Feel About Deb From Dexter

Certain TV show characters just have a way of getting under fans' skins — even when those fans claim to love everything else about that show. And often, their complaints say more about the fans themselves rather than the show or the character.

One such controversial character is Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) from the Showtime series "Dexter." "Dexter," if you haven't seen it, is about a blood splatter analyst (Michael C. Hall) for the Miami Police Department who leads a double life as a well-intentioned serial killer, only killing the most heinous criminals to satisfying his inner "Dark Passenger." Deb is Dexter's adopted sister as well as a colleague at Miami Metro, starting off as a homicide detective and eventually being promoted to lieutenant. She spends most of the series unaware of what kind of person Dexter really is, and when she finds out, it destroys her. 

Deb might not be the most over-the-top character on "Dexter," but few provoke as strong reactions as she does. Here's what fans really think about Dexter's sister.

Deb isn't for everyone, but she has plenty of fans, too

Fans considered this very question on Reddit, and they had mixed reactions. When Redditor u/safesexedu asked why some fans have such strong feelings about Deb, two main reasons emerged. Some found Deb's constant swearing annoying, while others got sick of Deb's rocky love life, especially her tendency to date seemingly every new member of Miami Metro.

But for other fans, those reasons are exactly why Deb is endearing. When it comes to the swearing, plenty of folks find Deb's flair for dropping f-bombs hilarious. It's also worth pointing out, as many fans did, that male character Vince Masuka doesn't catch nearly as much flak for his constant joking about sex as Deb does for her potty mouth.

Deb's defenders also pointed out that her personality is specifically designed to provide a contrast to Dexter's. As a character, Deb is Dexter's closest friend and confidant, one of the few people who keep him tethered to his humanity. But otherwise, they couldn't be more different. While Dexter is cold, rational, and unemotional, Deb is impulsive, outspoken, and goes with her instincts. Since the entire show is about the conflict between Dexter's conflicting desires to kill and to be a functioning member of society, Deb is crucial.

But since Deb will be appearing in the upcoming "Dexter" revival this fall, it looks like the debate will continue.