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The Watch Season 2 - What We Know So Far

"The Watch" is a science fiction and fantasy-tinged police procedural series that premiered on BBC America in January 2021. Based on Terry Pratchett's best-selling "Discworld" series of novels, "The Watch" follows a crew of police officers who protect the fantastical city of Ankh-Morpork from all manner of criminals, both human and legendary.  

"The Watch" isn't a straight adaptation, though, making several bold choices that depart from the books — for starters, the TV series trades in the medieval setting of the books for a more modern punk-rock aesthetic. That may be part of the reason why the first season of "The Watch" wasn't a runaway hit: it currently has a critics' score of just 56% on Rotten Tomatoes, while the audience score is an even more paltry 36%. For some fans of the book series, the show's new look was just too much of a leap. 

But it's still a unique show with tons of source material and a devoted fan base, even if some aren't entirely happy with this adaptation. Here's everything we know so far about a possible renewal of "The Watch." 

What is the release date for The Watch season 2?

At this point, the BBC hasn't yet announced whether "The Watch" has been renewed for a second season, so it's still much too early for a release date to be available. Production on season 1 began in late October 2019 (via Bleeding Cool), and the first season premiered on BBC America on January 3, 2021. That puts about a year between the start of production and when the show is available — and that was during the coronavirus pandemic. So, if the BBC did renew The Watch, the earliest it would be available would be about a year later.

For what it's worth, Jo Eaton-Kent, who plays Cheery, still thinks there's plenty of material for a second season and more. "I honestly believe that a Season 2 is on the horizon because there are so many unanswered questions," she told Collider. "Earlier, while I was making breakfast, I was thinking, "Hang on, that question never really got answered, did it?" And that's something that everybody else is going to be feeling. It's not because they forgot to talk about it. It's all intentional."

Who is in the cast of The Watch season 2?

If "The Watch" does return for a second season, that means the main cast will most likely return as well. "The Watch" follows the members of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, who have to protect their town from all manner of fantasy creatures. The cast includes Richard Dormer as the head of the unit, Captain Sam Vimes; Jo Eaton-Kent as Constable Cheery Littlebottom, the unit's forensics officer; Adam Hugill as Constable Carrot Ironfoundersson, the newest member of the City Watch; Marama Corlett as Corporal Angua; and Ralph Ineson as the voice of Sergeant Detritus.

The other supporting cast members who will most likely to return are Anna Chancellor as Lord Havelock Vetinari, the ruler of Ankh-Moropork; James Fleet as the arch-chancellor of Unseen University, Ankh-Moropork's wizardry school; Wendell Pierce as the voice of Death; and Lara Rossi as Sam's wife, Lady Sybil Ramkin.

What is the plot of The Watch season 2?

Based on where the show left things at the end of Season 1, the biggest development heading into Season 2 is Sam Vimes' discovery of the Observers' realm, an area stuck out of time where it's possible to be transported into nearly any alternate reality.

As star Adam Hugill put it in an interview with The Wrap, "Who knows what could happen, really? Because the whole point of the Observers' realm and the people that Vimes has been transported into, they could choose any multiverse they want and they could throw him back into a multiverse where he would have to exist as well. So God knows where you might end up finding him in a potential further-down-the-line story. Who knows where they throw him back into?"

The other major developments in the Season 1 finale are the villain Carcer Dun framing The Watch member Lupin Wonse for summoning the dragon that threatened Ankh-Morpork; and The Watch members Angua and Carrot finally confessed their feelings for each other, but didn't yet pursue a relationship. If Season 2 does happen, everybody involved will have plenty to work with.