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The Faraway Paladin - What We Know So Far

"The Faraway Paladin" is a Japanese fantasy-action series written by author Kanata Yanagino and illustrator Kususaga Rin in 2015. Originally published on the independent site Shōsetsuka ni Narō, the light novel was soon purchased and published by Overlap in several volumes throughout 2016. The light novel soon received a manga adaptation, and quickly became another popular isekai in the ever-expanding genre of "other world" fantasies.

Now, "The Faraway Paladin" is receiving its own anime adaptation from Children's Playground Entertainment (don't let the name fool you — this show probably isn't for kids). So far, all the information regarding "The Faraway Paladin" is regrettably locked behind a language barrier. Both the teaser trailer and official site for the show are exclusively available in Japanese. Even so, there's enough there for us to gather a good bit of information regarding "The Faraway Paladin's" release date, characters, and plot. Here is what we know so far.

When will the Faraway Paladin release?

According to Anime News Network, "The Faraway Paladin" was announced in April 2021 through the opening of the show's official website. Along with some basic information about the setting, cast, and plot, the site also revealed an official release window for the show. Assuming the show's production goes to plan, "The Faraway Paladin" will be released in October 2021.

Much to the chagrin of western anime fans, however, that date only corresponds with the Japanese release. No information has been given regarding an international syndication, nor has there been any word on the development of an English dub. While this hardly means that western fans will never be privy to the events of "The Faraway Paladin," it might be an indication that they will have to wait longer for an official western release, especially in regards to a dub. Those who are too impatient to wait, however, might be interested in delving into the anime's light novel source material, which has received an English translation through J-Novel Club (via Anime News Network).

Who are the characters in The Faraway Paladin?

Children's Playground Entertainment has been rather forward with information regarding the show's core characters, as well as the cast members portraying them. The show is set to follow Will, a human child raised by a group of undead individuals living in a far-off city populated (aside from Will) exclusively with the formerly-living. Japanese actress Maki Kawase, known for her work on "Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar" and "Zombieland Saga," is set to portray Will. 

The list of ghastly ghoulies who will inevitably raise Will begins with Blood, a massive skeleton warrior voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi ("Jojo's Bizarre Adventure," "Demon Slayer"). The presumed "mummy-figure" in Will's life is the mummified priestess Mary, voiced by Yue Horie ("Monogatari," "Persona 4"). This strange family is rounded out by Gus, the "crotchety spectral sorcerer" voiced by Nobuo Tobita ("Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam"). Furthermore, the group is joined by a final supporting cast member named Menel. Menel may or may not have appeared in the teaser trailer. Regardless, we do know the character is voiced by Ayumu Murase ("Haikyuu," "Sword Art Online").

What is the story of The Faraway Paladin?

One thing which the trailer for "The Faraway Paladin" either neglects to make clear (or, more likely, is only made clear through Japanese text/voice over) is that this show is another reincarnation isekai (via Anime News Network). This means that our (hopefully) loveable protagonist is actually the reincarnation of an individual from another world. How his current self ends up as the only living human in a land of dead people is unknown, but "The Faraway Paladin" seems intent on solving that mystery, while also answering the question, "What kind of person could Will become?"

As the name implies, Will's journey eventually takes him down the path toward becoming a Paladin. As any fan of "Dungeons & Dragons" might tell you, however, the kind of Paladin Will becomes makes all the difference. With one odd occurrence happening after another, fans will get to see how Will's unnatural upbringing affects his life once "The Faraway Paladin" airs in October.