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Who Are The Stars In The Bic 'Pass It' Commercial?

BIC has recruited two iconic celebrities — who also happen to be friends — in order to promote their new EZ Reach lighter. In order to properly showcase all of the merits of the EZ Reach lighter, BIC released a commercial in May 2021 ( which is now available on YouTube) featuring these two very familiar famous folks to promote the product. The commercial focuses on the EZ Reach lighter's strengths, which mostly means showcase how the lighter's longer stem means you can light anything without burning your fingers and being able to get into hard to reach spaces. 

The true genius of the commercial is that every time the lighter is used, it's done in a situation related to something each of the celebrities in the commercial are particularly known for. In the case of the female celebrity, the lighter is used to heat up fondue — because she's mostly known as a chef and home goods purveyor. For the male celebrity, though, he's best known for enjoying the benefits of a particular plant you can light up — in addition to being a popular rapper.

So, who exactly are the stars of the BIC EZ Reach "Pass It" commercial? You definitely know them, and their friendship is one for the ages.

These BIC commercial stars are a very famous friend duo

The stars of the BIC EZ Reach "Pass It" commercial are none other than Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg, two celebs who have been friends since 2008 (per Insider). 

It's always fun to see Snoop and Stewart get together, not only because they're the unlikeliest of friends, but because every time they get together, fun is always bound to follow. Teaming with BIC for an inspired commercial makes sense not only because it's a great company to partner with for branding opportunities, but because said partnership allows each celeb to organically promote the product, based on real ways that they can or do use it, without the obvious advertising feeling like too much of a stretch. 

For Stewart, of course, using a lighter while in the kitchen, or while having a cookout in the backyard, makes complete sense since she has basically become our nation's home goods goddess. For Snoop, using a lighter to get into hard to reach spots in an effort to, erm ... spark something up makes even more sense, given that his celebrity persona is equal parts being a music star and being a proponent of a particular substance that is legal in an increasing number of states. If ever there was a perfect pair needed to sell BIC lighters, it's these two, and it's no wonder the commercial has caught fire.