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Zeus' Powers In Record Of Ragnarok Explained

Mortals and immortals clash in the deity-defying duels of "Record of Ragnarok." Focusing on a god-sponsored tournament between humanity's strongest fighters and gods from every mythology, the anime revels in showing viewers its interpretation of the most powerful gods worshiped by humans. Of course, the list of strongest deities would not be worthwhile unless Zeus, the chief deity of Ancient Greece, was included.

Though he shares many similarities with the real deal, "Record of Ragnarok's" Zeus has a few minor differences. For one, he seems quite adamant about exterminating humanity. As the chairman of the Gods' Council, he was one of the many who voted in favor of bringing about the apocalypse. When the Valkyrie Brunhilde reminded them that humanity has the right to prove their worth through the Ragnarok Tournament, Zeus was originally content sitting on the sidelines. By the second round, however, the father of the Greek Pantheon insisted on fighting in it himself. In the ensuing bout against Adam (yes, the one from the bible), Zeus showed off exactly why he bears the title "God Father of the Cosmos."

How powerful is Zeus exactly?

Surprisingly, Zeus' fighting style in "Record of Ragnarok" does not revolve around lightning, storms, or wind, despite being the Greek god of the sky (via Record of Ragnarok Wiki). Instead, Zeus is more of a straight-up brawler. His withered, elderly physique belies an unfathomable reservoir of strength and speed which was enough to out-perform Adam's superior endurance and "Eyes of God" ability (which allows him to detect and copy any movement he sees. He was even able to overcome the combined strength of Shiva, Heracles, and Ares.

In his normal state, Zeus is already incredibly strong, but if he happens to encounter a particularly powerful opponent, the god has a second form which drastically increases his power. In this form, known as "Adamas," Zeus concentrates all of his power into every movement. The god can only maintain this form for a short time, but during that time he can perform his most powerful techniques. Shiva even stated that the form made Zeus strong enough to destroy Heaven itself.

Zeus' most powerful ability, the Fist that Surpassed Time, is so blindingly fast that it brings time to a near halt. Zeus copied the ability from the God of Time, Kronos during the war against the Titans. Even without it, however, Zeus' True Gods Right/Left, Meteor Jabs, and Divine Axe kick all prove to be more than most would bargain for. All together, Zeus' abilities justify his stature amongst all gods.