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Cautious Hero Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Some people believe that it is better to be safe than sorry. At least, Seiya, the capable champion of "Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered But Overly Cautious," thinks so. Summoned by the goddess Ristarte to save a world ranked "S" in danger, the klutzy deity disregarded Seiya's personality description. Despite being incredibly powerful, Seiya is quite scrupulous. He spends most of his time training and preparing for conflicts. Then, when it's finally time to fight, he uses overwhelming force to defeat even the most diminutive foes. 

Based on the series of Japanese light novels written by Light Tuchihi and illustrated by Saori Toyota, "Cautious Hero" saw quite the rise in popularity leading up to and following the release of its anime adaptation (done by studio White Fox) in 2019. Anime News Network ranked it one of the five best anime from Fall of that year. It received high praise for the way it spoofed popular tropes of the increasingly oversaturated isekai genre. Despite this popularity, however, "Cautious Hero" has yet to receive a second season. Even so, Season 2 is still not out of the question, so fans can remain cautiously optimistic. In the event we do see a Season 2, here is what we know so far.

When will Cautious Hero Season 2 release?

As usual, what everyone really wants is a release date. And, as usual with anime, it's never quite that simple. Though there has been no official word on why "Cautious Hero" Season 2 hasn't been confirmed, White Fox still has its plate full without it. After finishing the first season of "Cautious Hero," the studio went on to animate several other projects, including the "Goblin Slayer" movie and the second season of "Re:Zero."

Even so, the studio (or the show's distributors, for that matter) could at least let on if "Cautious Hero" Season 2 is in the works. As such, White Fox's silence on the matter might be cause for concern as to whether Season 2 will exist at all. Unfortunately, only time will tell if "Cautious Hero" will see the light of day again. Until then, fans can always dip into the manga or light novels to scratch that "Cautious Hero" itch.

Who will be in Cautious Hero Season 2's cast?

At the very least, if "Cautious Hero" Season 2 does come out, fans will not have to wait to learn the show's cast. Given the final events of Season 1, it seems the series' core cast of characters (and their associated voice actors) will make a comeback for Season 2. If that's the case and the studio doesn't make any drastic casting changes, then here are a few of the actors you can expect to see (and hear) when "Cautious Hero" Season 2 finally rolls around.

As the core duo of "Cautious Hero's" comedic chemistry, Ristarte and Seiya's voice actors are shoe-ins for Season 2. They are Aki Toyosaki and Yuuichiro Umehara, two seasoned anime veterans at this point, with credits in other popular series like "K-On!!" and Goblin Slayer," respectively (via Myanimelist). Other actors likely to return include Shiori Izawa (Adenela), Ai Fairouz (Valkyrie), and Atutsi Ono (Cerseus).

What will be the plot of Cautious Hero Season 2?

When we last saw our main characters, they had just defeated the Demon Lord of Gaeabrande, saving the S-ranked world for which Seiya was summoned. For sacrificing his life to defeat the Demon Lord, Seiya was resurrected a third time before being assigned a new world to save along with Ristarte. To go along with the revelation that Seiya and Ristarte were once lovers in a past life, the two are assigned the world they had failed to save all those years ago, Ixphoria.

However, according to the synopsis for the ensuing light novels, things aren't going to be quite the same this time around (via Cautious Hero Wiki). Because Seiya and Ristarte had failed to save it in their previous incarnations, it is now ranked "SS" in terms of danger. Furthermore, Seiya has been re-classed as a flute-playing bard. With new abilities in a (sort of) brand new world, Seiya's battle to save Ixphoria will be unlike any he has seen before. Still, the two are not dissuaded. All it takes is a little caution and preparation to get the job done.