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Will There Be A Django Unchained Sequel?

In his three decades as a groundbreaking filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino has never created a sequel. Sure, some of his works loosely share the same universe — "Pulp Fiction's" Vincent Vega is brothers with Mr. Blonde from "Reservoir Dogs," and "Kill Bill" was split into two parts. Still, sequels have never been Tarantino's M.O. Part of the fun of his filmography is that each entry has its own identity, even when they share a similar setting.

Even so, Tarantino has considered making sequels to his films on more than one occasion, though most of them never got off the ground. The closest that came to it was "The Hateful Eight," which began as a novel sequel of "Django Unchained" before Tarantino decided to scrap Django's inclusion as a major character. According to Entertainment Weekly, "This piece shouldn't have a moral center. It shouldn't have a hero." 

However, all of this is speaking strictly in terms of a film sequel. Outside of his native medium, Tarantino actually has created a comic book sequel for "Django Unchained." Furthermore, the award-winning director is currently in the process of adapting the comic into a fully-fledged film.

The story behind Tarantino's unfinished Zorro crossover

In 2014, comic book publisher Dynamite released "Django/Zorro," a seven-issue series co-written by Tarantino and Matt Wagner, with art from Esteve Polls. The comic continues Django's story following his destruction of the Candyland Estate. After setting up his beloved belle with a comfy Chicago abode, Django ventures out west to continue his lucrative work as a gun for hire. It is then that he meets Diego de la Vega, AKA Zorro. Together, the two freedom fighters endeavor to save a local town of indigenous people from a life of servitude.

According to Collider, word regarding a "Django/Zorro" movie adaptation first began to spread the same year as its comic release. Following the 2014 Sony hack, leaked emails between Tarantino and former Sony Chairperson Amy Pascal revealed potential plans for such an adaptation. In time, Collider managed to confirm these leaks through its own unnamed sources, also unearthing that Tarantino chose comedian Jerrod Carmichael to co-write the script.

Even so, not much else regarding "Django/Zorro" has made its way into the public sphere. Heck, nobody is even sure if Tarantino intends to direct this adaptation. If he did, it would be his tenth and final film before retirement. Furthermore, the "Django/Zorro" trail has gone completely cold since Collider reported on it in 2019. It's not implausible that either Sony or Tarantino has decided to drop the project entirely. Until official word is given, however, fans will continue to hold out hope.