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The Ending Of Mortel Season 2 Explained

In November 2019, Netflix released the first season, consisting of six episodes, of a new supernatural French series known as "Mortel." The series is centered around two friends, Sofiane (Carl Malapa) and Victor (Némo Schiffman), whose life is irrevocably changed when they make a deal with a voodoo god named Obé (Corentin Fila) to be granted supernatural powers, in order to solve the supposed murder of Sofiane's brother Reda (Sami Outabali). When the duo becomes overwhelmed by the strings attached to the dark deal, they find help in the form of Luisa (Manon Bresch), a girl from their school who practices voodoo with her grandmother. 

After using their new abilities to uncover a supernatural conspiracy in Season 1, Sofiane's brother is suddenly brought back to life, a true miracle. But sometimes you should be careful what you wish for, because there are consequences to Sofiane and his friends' choices. While the group thinks that they've successfully gotten rid of Obé at the end of Season 1, they're unfortunately wrong, as Obé starts possessing the newly returned Reda and recruiting an army of other teenagers under his influence. 

In Season 2, which premiered on Netflix on July 2, 2021, Sofiane, Victor, and Luisa know that they must finally get rid of Obé once and for all before he is able to build up enough power to walk the earth all on his own. But will they be able to stop him without losing someone they love? Here's the ending of "Mortel" Season 2 — explained. 

Obé is finally destroyed

In order to gather enough strength to finally take down Obé, Luisa goes through her voodoo Initiation before rejoining Sofiane and Victor in the fight. In a final showdown at the school, the group battles Obé's lackeys before facing off with Obé in Reda's body. While Reda is unable to gain control of himself and push Obé out on his own, Luisa transfers the possession over to Sofiane instead. They all made an agreement beforehand, so as Sofiane struggles to hold off Obé, Victor gets a knife ready to kill him. When Victor hesitates, Sofiane helps him, and together they destroy Obé once and for all (as far as we know). 

Grieving the loss of their dear friend, Luisa and Victor consider the prophecy that's haunted them since the beginning, believing that Luisa, Victor, and Sofiane are one unit, together. Understanding, the couple perform a ritual to bring Sofiane back with their blood, and it works. For once, things work out for the three friends. After the final battle, both Reda and Sofiane are alive and healthy, seemingly free of any after effects of the possession. 

Unfortunately for fans of "Mortel," the series was cancelled even before Season 2 premiered. But if there were a third season, it's possible that new episodes would further explore the supernatural consequences of their actions, as well as the physical and emotional toll such an intense experience has on Sofiane, Luisa, and Victor. 

Everyone gets a fresh start

After the finale's climactic battle, everything seems well and good for the trio. Reda decides to leave town, but before he goes, he sends a touching letter to the high school to grant Sofiane a retake of an important test he was forced to miss a few weeks earlier. It works, and Sofiane does very well on the test. As for Luisa and Victor, the couple is still going strong. In love and fully supportive of each other, Luisa sticks by Victor's side as he tells his family about the abuse he suffered when he was younger, opening up about how it's effected him. Luisa is also adjusting well to having the Power after her Initiation, and she discusses it with her two friends who are curious about her experience. 

Celebrating their successes and wins together with weed and beer, Sofiane, Luisa, and Victor hang out together and reminisce. Luisa grants them a sneak peek at what she sees with the Power, and the trio watches strings of light start coalescing together in the woods. Questioning whether this is normal, Luisa says no, and the group follows the light to the grave of Audrey (Anaïs Thomas), where they disappear. Audrey is Reda's love who becomes involved with Obé and the whole debacle, before being sacrificed in an attempt to stop Obé. But what does it all mean?

While it's definitely nice to see the friends all happy together with hope for the future, the second season was likely filmed before the show was cancelled, so of course they had to end it on some sort of cliffhanger.

A baby is crying down there

Unsure about what's going on with the lights and Audrey's grave, Victor uses his supernatural abilities to listen in. Shocked, he jolts back, revealing to his friends that "A baby is crying down there," which is definitely not what they were expecting. While we will likely never know what's really going on with the baby, there are a few good guesses of what fans can imagine happening next. The first is that this is the baby of Audrey and Obé, a half-human, half-god that they must rescue from the grave. But then what? Would Sofiane, Luisa, and Victor raise the baby on their own, hoping that he or she doesn't turn evil?

On the other hand, it's possible that the baby is simply Obé reincarnated, which would make things a lot more complicated. If he or she is fully Obé, then it's kind of a guarantee that they will turn out evil. But we all know how complicated the moral quandaries are around destroying babies, even in a supernatural, fictional situation like the friends face in "Mortel." Along with that, even if they decide to try and get rid of the Obé baby, there's the remaining question of if he already found a way to be reborn, can Obé ever really be killed?

As fans mourn the loss of such a compelling supernatural drama series like "Mortel," at least there are a bunch of other international shows on Netflix, like "Marianne," "Curon," or "Evil," to name a few, that might keep their mind off the sad news for a little while.