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The Coco Detail That Has AHS Fans Scratching Their Heads

"American Horror Story: Apocalypse" was a divisive season for "AHS" fans. While some loved the way the season linked "Murder House" with "Coven" and brought back some fan-favorite characters, others were disappointed with how it ended. Meanwhile, some details were just confusing. What was the deal with the two kids with "special DNA," Emily and Timothy? Why was Mallory's magic so powerful if she's just another Supreme? The list goes on.

"Apocalypse" focused on two timelines: one after a nuclear apocalypse has killed basically all of humanity, and the immediate past leading up to that big bang. We first meet Mallory and Coco in the nuclear timeline, as the two make their way into one of the underground bunkers where humans are hiding from nuclear winter. But we meet them again in the flashback timeline, where both are students at Miss Robichaux's Academy. Which prompts the question, how old is Coco supposed to be?

Fans can't get a bead on Coco's age

In a Reddit post, a user is thrown by a woman Leslie Grossman's age living at a finishing school for young ladies. "I don't mean to be ageist at all," they write, "but I'm just so confused about Coco's age in Apocalypse."

Leslie Grossman was 46 when filming "Apocalypse." Is her character, Coco, supposed to be closer to Grossman's age or to the other teen/mid-20s girls at the Academy? One Redditor posits that the age bracket for the school has expanded since Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) made her big PR push to bring witchcraft to light. "I think that after Cordelia went public with the school she announced it was a safe haven for all witches to come and learn," they write. "I'm not sure if there was an age limit or not."

It's also possible that Coco's status as a rich daddy's girl paved the way for her to attend Miss Robichaux's. Coco could be in a perpetual state of arrested development, since she's never had to fend for herself in the world and woman up, so to speak. Her father's wealth could also have eased her entry to the Academy, age limit or no age limit. On the other hand, a 47-year-old could just be playing a teen. Why not? Kathy Bates is a Satanist robot this season. Ultimately, those looking for things to make sense on "AHS" are probably watching the wrong show.