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The Purge Creator Has Some Ideas About How To Continue The Franchise

"The Forever Purge" — the fifth and supposedly final film in "The Purge" franchise — releases in theaters July 2, but if creator James DeMonaco has his way, there will be at least one more movie in the series. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, DeMonaco said he originally thought "The Forever Purge" would be the last entry, but he recently had inspiration for one more story. "I'm going to be completely honest, I came up with something about two months ago," he said. "I woke up with a new way that we can keep it fresh and turn the thing upside down. So if the people want it, the idea's in the works, I've outlined it, so it could happen."

While DeMonaco didn't offer specifics on the themes that might be explored on a potential sequel, he admitted that he and producer Jason Blum have discussed it. "He really wants me to direct the next one," he said. "It's such a crazy idea I was actually like, oh, maybe I'll do that one. I'll definitely write it, I'll say that."

He added he might consider directing simply because the concept could easily go wrong in someone else's hands. "You just don't want to see it go the wrong way," DeMonaco said.

The Forever Purge is a love-horror story

James DeMonaco has written all five movies in the franchise, and while he now hopes to do another, he only offered vague hints at what fans can expect. In his interview with EW, he described "The Forever Purge" as part-love story and part-horror with relevant social issues thrown in for good measure. The latest movie follows a Mexican couple, played by Ana de la Reguera and Tenoch Huerta, who join others trying to flee Texas after the country's night of lawlessness is extended by white supremacist Purgers seeking to purify America.

DeMonaco added that the plot examines the American dream and what it has come to mean in today's society. "The Purge" franchise is known for shining a spotlight on social issues, including homelessness, violence, and socio-economic discrepancies, and the trailer for "The Forever Purge" indicates racial tensions and immigration will be under examination. DeMonaco said he never imagined the first movie would become so politically and socially relevant. 

"You know, this was conceived initially as this B movie concept in the vein of 'Logan's Run' and 'Soylent Green,' this crazy thing that was outlandish," he said. "To have citizens actually ask me at Comic-Con, "Do you think this is where we're going?" I'm like, wow, our ship needs to get righted very quickly."

As for another sequel, he hinted "The Forever Purge" ends with "America is burning" — and the end of America, which was his original ending for the franchise. Could a potential sequel involve hope and rebuilding? Maybe. "I always say, and it seems so corny, I wish this was a land of unicorns and rainbows," DeMonaco admitted.