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Legends Of The Hidden Temple - What We Know So Far

In the 1990s, children's game shows were all the rage, especially ones created by Nickelodeon. Shows like "Nickelodeon GUTS" and "Double Dare" held down the network's lineup when its cartoon programs were on break. However, few game shows were as mesmerizing and child-entrancing as "Legends of the Hidden Temple." Combining sports, puzzle-solving, and teamwork with the myth and mystique of an ancient Mayan temple, the show enraptured kids across the nation.

Now, the temple is coming out of hiding after nearly three decades of being off the air. That's right: "Legends of the Hidden Temple" is yet another classic property slated for a reboot in the near future. However, it isn't Nickelodeon that is resurrecting the show — it's The CW. Furthermore, the company is rebranding the show to feature and appeal to adults. Aside from that, information regarding the reboot is sparse right now, especially in regards to a potential release date and host. However, The CW has confirmed some of the challenges that will appear once it finally debuts. Here is what we know so far.

When will the Legends of the Hidden Temple reboot release?

Woe to those who are excited for this reboot, because chances are that the new "Legends of the Hidden Temple" won't emerge from the woodwork anytime soon. According to CNN, although The CW has been forthcoming with the fact that they are producing a new "Legends of the Hidden Temple" (a property they nabbed from the streaming platform, Quibli), they have been the exact opposite in regards to a release date.

Compound that with the fact that they still need to write, shoot, and possibly even cast the show, and there's a rather large potential release window for this reboot. That being said, production for the original show was rather brisk. According to the Orlando Sentinel, production for one season of the show lasted less than a month between March and April 1994. Assuming the reboot's production is similar, the time between casting and production will likely be short. Essentially, the amount of time until this reboot's release will probably run shorter than the average TV series.

Who will be the host of the Legends of the Hidden Temple reboot?

Many millennials have fond memories of seeing host Kirk Fogg introduce each episode's challenges and teams (via IMDb). Whether or not Fogg will make a return to host this new era of the show is unknown, but The CW has confirmed that his co-host will. Indeed, Olmec (the giant talking stone face voice by Dee Bradley Baker) is one of the many aspects of the show that The CW has made sure to retain.

This is fantastic news for fans of the original, as Olmec stands as one of the show's most iconic elements. Ancient and wise, Olmec is the viewer's source of exposition regarding each episode's mysterious artifact, as well as the specific rules of the temple's challenges. It's fair to say that "Legends of the Hidden Temple" is hardly itself without Olmec. Whether this applies to the character's voice actor may be a question for the future, as The CW has not confirmed whether Baker will return to reprise the classic role.

What are the challenges in the Legends of the Hidden Temple reboot?

At the very least, The CW has been forthcoming with the challenges we are bound to see with this reboot. As per the original series, six teams of two contestants (and yes, the classic "color+animal" team names are going to stay the same) compete in a series of basic challenges before running a gauntlet through Olmec's maze-like temple to retrieve that episode's artifact.

Returning challenges include "The Moat," an athletic challenge where teams are required to cross a wide body of water, and "The Steps of Knowledge," a quiz segment where players must correctly answer questions regarding the legend surrounding each episode's artifact. After players complete one more round of challenges, the final team is allowed access into the eponymous hidden temple.

Aside from "The Moat" and "The Steps of Knowledge," The CW has not confirmed any of the other challenges contestants must complete to win. Chances are, however, there will not be a major change in the show's formula. For obvious reasons, the hidden temple segments are likely going to remain the same, leaving only the third round up to debate.