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This WandaVision Parallel In Loki Episode 4 Will Bring You To Tears

Episode 4 — "The Nexus Event" — of "Loki" had plenty of callbacks to huge MCU moments, making it an Easter egg-filled event. There was an obvious homage to a famous "The Avengers" moment in the mid-credit scene. As Loki looks up at the four new variants of himself after he's pruned, he is looked down on by these alternate Loki's the same way the Avengers look down on him after his defeat in the 2012 film. The positioning of the camera and the vantage points of the characters were the same across both properties.

This was actually the second moment in Episode 4 that had a very similar feel to a former MCU moment. There was a major "WandaVision" callback, which came just a few minutes before the credits started rolling. It was easily missed, but the parallel is so precise we'd be shocked to learn it wasn't done on purpose. Not only was the camera work and special effects in this "Loki" moment nearly identical to one in "WandaVision," but the emotional weight behind the two was enough to make any viewer cry.

Episode 4 had a major Loki and Vision parallel

In the third act of "Loki" Episode 4, Loki is pruned by Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), leading us to believe he has died yet again. His pruning comes as a shock, as Ravonna seems to be out cold on the floor. This happens just as our Loki is about to confess his feelings for Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), but he's stopped as he slowly disintegrates when Ravonna hits him with the pruning baton. The moment where Sylvie watches her fellow variant disappear is almost identical to the one where Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) watches her manifested Vision (Paul Bettany) disintegrate as her hex crumbles to pieces.

A side-by-side shot of both moments shows just how closely they resemble one another, and both are absolutely gut-wrenching. In both scenes, Loki and Vision are staring back at the people they love as they are stripped away from them. Their heads are also the last things to disappear as Wanda and Sylvie look on, shocked and devastated. Wanda's situation has much more weight to it, given her history with Vision, but Loki's newfound love for Sylvie makes their moment just as important. Luckily, we found out in the mid-credits scene that Loki isn't really gone — kind of in the same sense that Vision isn't really gone, since his memories live within the missing White Vision. Nevertheless, we can't thank the geniuses at Marvel Studios enough for this incredible callback... no matter how much of an emotional blow it was for fans.