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The Mobius Line In Loki You Need To Pay Attention To

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is home to a plethora of different peoples, places, and powers. We started with men in powerful mech suits and built from there to super spies, frozen super soldiers, super gods, giant green men, and a guy who's good with arrows. And that was just Phase One.

Since then, the MCU has grown in ways both cosmical and mystical — which would make fans collectively wonder what comes next. The answers seem to be coming out of several Disney+ series. "WandaVision" teased us with a (potentially false) hope that the X-Men universe might someday collide with the MCU when they cast Evan Peters as someone at least pretending to be Pietro Maximoff. "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" finally transitioned the title of Captain America to Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie). And "Loki," seems like it may be the series that finally and entirely tips us over into an MCU multiverse.

Alternate timelines aren't the only things that "Loki" is handling. In the show's fourth episode, "The Nexus Event," there's a throwaway line that hints at a very specific direction we know the MCU is heading.

Looks like the MCU is about to get a lot more undead

When Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophia di Martino) were about to die on Lamentis-I, we knew they weren't actually about to die for real — at least not yet. And while the TVA is still unraveling the mystery of why two Lokis caring for one another is so multiverse-inspiring, there is something supernatural they've already discovered.

When Mobius (Owen Wilson) is talking to the recaptured Loki, he laments, "We've brought in Kree, titans, vampires — why is it that two orphan demi-gods are such a pain in the ass?"

The Kree first turned up in the MCU during the first "Guardians of the Galaxy." Thanos (Josh Brolin) is the mad titan, so those beings are already covered in the MCU, too. Vampires, on the other hand — that's technically fresh information.

We know Mahershala Ali is cast as Blade, a half-vampire who hunts other vampires. However, "Blade" the movie isn't due to begin filming until July 2022. Sony's "Morbius" features Jared Leto as a vampire and is currently set for a January 2022 release, but it's unclear just how much bearing, if any, the Sony side of things will have on the MCU.

Now, Mobius mentions that vampires do exist. The big question is this: Is Mobius referring solely to vampires existing in alternate worlds, or are vampires already a part of the supposed sacred timeline? If it's the former, it's entirely possible we'll actually see some vampires before "Loki" completes its season or in the upcoming "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness." Only time will tell, but even a casual mention of vampires signifies yet another huge way the MCU will change in the next few years.

New episodes of "Loki" debut on Disney+ on Wednesdays.